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  2. The Longest Day
    Great craic, and an excellent ride. Thanks to Nick, Rob, Yvonne and everyone else who organised; a curse on Zumon, TomTom, Garmin and all their kind; apologies to the many families of flies who are now bereaved. I DID SIX CAPITALS!
  3. The Longest Day
    I want to put together the core information to go out with the packs for all TLD participants as soon as possible. This will include a detailed roadbook, petrol stations, legal disclaimer, emergency contact information etc etc etc. So, what I need from everyone urgently is Your Forum Name...
  4. The Longest Day
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  5. The Longest Day
    I know we are not taking part this year but you are so right regarding the ride home.It was the hardest thing on a bike i ever done last year.All the excitement was gone and the run home lasted forever:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. The Longest Day
    All that wish to take part in the TeamXRV RIDEFIVECAPITALS charity rally on the Longest Day June 20-21 we need some info from you for the website Name (forum and real) preferred flag for decal Bike (Manufacturer) Reasons for taking part What you are not looking forward to What You are...
  7. The Longest Day
    As you all know the Longest Day ride is coming in 10 days, I wonder if there are people who are not able to do the ride but would be prepared to provide assistance should any of the riders get into difficulty on the route. It may be that they need a cup of tea, some roadside repairs or a...
  8. The Longest Day
    Please see the table below that shows the total amount you need to pay for your Participants Pack. PLEASE CHECK THE DETAILS ARE CORRECT AS I WILL ORDER WHAT'S IN THIS TABLE IF YOU DON'T TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT I am offering two methods of payment: I need payment from everyone before I...
  9. The Longest Day
    OK...I'm getting alot of mails from people keen to join up and asking for info...despite all the threads being organised and re-organised we're still missing one with the very basics on there. goes. The Longest Day. What? Charity motorcycle ride in aid of Macmillan Cancer...
  10. The Longest Day
    The T-shirts and Polo Shirts are unisex and priced as follows: T-shirts S - 34-36" chest M - 38-40" chest L - 42-44" chest XL - 46-48" chest XXL - 50-52" chest XXXL - 54-56" chest. Black Heavyweight Cotton 205gm screen printed back and front - £12.50 + P&P as above but with your name...
  11. The Longest Day
    This is a list of those who have put their names down to take part in the Team XRV ‘The Longest Day’ Charity challenge – John O’Groats to Lands End in under 24 hours As Robster and I are putting together individual Participants Packs, can each of you please edit this post and just put...
  12. The Longest Day
    Ok ladies and gents, apologies everything's gone a bit quiet on this lately but its been a busy time and there's been lots to do! The participants pack is taking shape. You'll get a selection of stickers including 1x Large Rally Plate Style sticker for your screen personalised with your...