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  1. Africa Twin
    can anyone help me find a part? I need the metal wire guide for the speedo cable that attaches to the front mudguard bracket. Many thank. Davey
  2. Africa Twin
    When do you call it a day and send your beloved AT on that final journey? My '94 RD07 failed its MOT. The mechanic reckons the wear is so bad that the bearing fixtures have ovalled. Is this possible? I have sourced a fixer who can rebuild with nylon bushes for £50, is this recommended? The...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, I have a set of original Africa Tiwn's DID golden wheels for sale. Some details about the wheels: Rear wheel is an original golden DID rim 17x2.5 . It comes with a nearly brand new Avon Gripster tyre. It's in a good condition. It's a complete wheel with a brake disc (50% good)...