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  1. Is this normal on the 650 Alp????

    Just wondering if this is normal on a 650 Alp - there seems to be a serial / engine / VIN number party visible on the clocks - Not sure what or why it’s like that you’d think the entire number should be seen????
  2. Fork gators for xl650v

    Has anyone got a better price for the Honda original gators. ...they are horrendously expensive...around 40 eur each!! Does anyone have an alternative solution...I will consider anything as long as it keeps the forks clean Is there any way at all of installing something which does not...
  3. Which reply needed, speedo drive washer

    Africa Twin
    I know this is also in the original thread but I need an answer asap as I want to get my bike back on the road asap. I have received a second hand speedo drive and need to know if the washers are already in there or if I need to order some. I can see something at the bottom of the drive bit...
  4. Happy new year

    Happy new year fellow XRV'rs :thumbup: Just heading off to a Hogmanay party, coming back home for the bells later on, all the family coming round :thumb: Soooo, in case I fall by the wayside, everybody have a safe and good Hogmanay. Best wishes for the coming year, may it provide you with...
  5. Classic Bike Insurance Recommendations

    Chaps, Do any of you have classic bike Insurance? I am looking for recommendations of providers please! Tried Bennets but only offering 3rd party. Going to try Footman James on the phone tomorrow. It's for a 1970 Honda 350SL Scrambler - same age as me and just as pristine!!!!:p:p:p
  6. Alternative Green Party transport

    But not so good on green lanes......
  7. More consersative brilliance.

    Still think that the money grabbing, self serving, hypocritical bastards that call themselves the conserative party have your best interests at heart? Well, think again - Redundancy talks period to be cut from 90 days to 45 days. I wonder how many of these tory idiots have had to go through the...
  8. Stella / Mugello - 2013.

    I'm sure I'm not alone as I sit here in a London summer, watching the qualifying at Mugello with the rain pi**ing down outside. I'm beginning , like you do ? to think of getting away again ! So an early heads up here for interest in doing a combined Stella / Mugello GP trip in 2013. With our...
  9. Bl**dy politicians

    So, the "coalition" (read, Tories with the Liberal Democrats making up the numbers) are taking a pasting in the local council elections - pretty bleedin' obvious really - and "Labour" coming out the "winners". The thing is that in Wales it is the "Welsh Labour Party" that is doing the winning...
  10. Fuse box change

    Africa Twin
    Rather than add on an auxiallary fuse box, I am thinking about ripping out the original and replacing it with a bigger third party fuse box. Anyone else done this? How are the original wiring loom cables terminated to the box? I am guessing there is bugger all slack to work with. :roll:
  11. Tory Party Conference

    I listened to the Chancellor yesterday before I went to work and I've listened to some of it again today. Well, all I can say is I'm voting for them again next time after hearing what was said today. The biggest bit of common sense I've heard for a long time: "Getting rid of the Human Rights...
  12. my party was great!!!!!!!!!!1

    Mini XRVs
    hey it's me mini buner and my party went great. ALL my freinds from school came.I went in the hamster balls they really fun.:occasion1::occasion7::occasion4::wav:
  13. FarmYard Party

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Don't know wether anybody is interested
  14. 7 XR's (and a BM) on a weekend Stag party

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    3 days, 550 miles, lots of trails and 3 different pubs at night for my mates Stag party. Roy carefully picked his line round the big water filled hole and ended up here, how i laughed
  15. WOMAC St Valentine's Party fundraiser.....

    This is WOMAC's biggest fundraising night of the year and the chosen charities to benefit in 2008 are the Neuroblastoma Society and the Leukaemia Research Fund, there will be some fantastic prizes in the Grand Tombola & Raffle, all generously donated by our industry supporters. WOMAC (Women on...
  16. 20th Jan African Odyssey arrival party

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Three lads and myself are currently in Egypt. We departed Cape Town 5 months ago. Final destination London on the 20th January. Check out we have covered our trip from top to bottom and some great photos in the Chronicles section of the site. Arrival Party. 20th...
  17. Party At My House

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hear ye hear ye hear ye, My wife and I are hosting a welcome to the world party for our new daughter Lara on Saturday night at our sailing club near killyleagh Co Down NI. You are all very welcome, free beer and lots of ice cream and jelly. But to gain entry you must be able to accurately...
  18. the boston tea party 2

    gotta celebrate the 4th of july with the wife today, cant work out why the only brit in the hood has to have the dam party but hey! anyway tryin out my grillin skillz so i got a 10lb pork loin on one grill and 4 beer butt chikins on the other! this baby has been on since 10am (needs 5 hours...
  19. its my party and i`ll cry if i want too : )

    dam i miss my AT but i have other toyz now! anyway another week another party, when are you guys gonna come visit? im 45 mins from the north georgia mountains i know it aint the alps but its the best the yanks can do :lol: nothin got broken, nobody woz sick anywhere, the cops didnt show up...