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  1. Blown bulb

    Dominator / FMX
    My dommie’s tail light failed on the way home last night. The first clue was when a trucker flashed his lights at me after I passed him on the M25. A couple of others flashed but it’s remarkable how many of my fellow motorists didn’t! Also remarkable what a faff it is to get to the bulb. Both...
  2. RIP John Haynes

    Africa Twin
    John Haynes creator of the Haynes Manual has passed away at 80. Thankyou and your tech writers...don't think I could of split my AT cases without you.
  3. Newbie to the Transalp world !!

    Hi All, just bought this, picture below. Its an 88 XL600VJ to restore. My son and I are going to do the Scottish NC500 this summer and I'll be using this when its done. He's going to be on his new KTM390 Duke as he is 19 and just passed his A2. Can't wait !!! :-D:-D
  4. For Sale: For Sale 1989 Dominator NX650K

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my 1989 Dominator NX 650 K It has MOT to May 2019, new tyres last year, although rear has worn down quite quickly. Mileage is around 14700 atm, believed genuine, some history to prove Starts, runs, rides, rear shock weak (for my weight 150kgs), whirrs in second, but still...
  5. RD03 100,000km Rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, So my bike is 30 years old next year, It just passed the 100,000km mark last month and it also took me and my wife on a 60,000km tour over the last year and half so it deserve a bit of attention :) My plan is to strip the bike down, repaint the frame, service the engine. Then...
  6. Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Miada Vale, W London

    Mechanical Advice
    Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Guildford Earlier this week, my nephew Sam purchased from a guy in West Midlands, what was my old Transalp 650 but after checking it over and it flying through the MOT, the bike stopped on the M1 on the way back to London from Shropshire...
  7. Newbie from N/Ireland

    Dominator / FMX
    Thought i should say hello to everyone. Bought myself a bike i have fancied for nigh on 30 years, a 1989 nx650. Took for its mot today and she passed with flying colour, after the test i went on a 30 mile ride over the mountain, first impression ? absolutely BONKERS FUN:blob5:. Cant wait to get...
  8. My 97 AT I just picked up

    Africa Twin
    I had passed on a few bikes and finally came acroos this 97 AT. It will do for now while I look for my RD04. I have an RD03 back in the states already so figured the rd04 will be good to have also. In the meantime 8 months w/o a bike and just a scooter was enough
  9. Need a new project

    I just spent an afternoon helping jnr polish his bike up after it passed its MOT. All he needs now is new tyres and a pair of Dunstall replica silencers which are on order...;););) His Yamaha DT 125 is also sorted so looks like i can turn my attention to finding my next project....:D:D:D...
  10. 1984 xl600r

    What's it worth?
    XL600R in fairly standard nick. Red. Twin carb kickstart model. A hoot to ride, especially when that second carb kicks in! ;) Not immaculate condition but not a tatty old dog either. No hard to find bits are missing (like side panels for instance, ask me how I know that!). Engine fully rebuilt...
  11. A COLD day out!

    Well I had to do a couple of chores for the wife, needed to pick some work up from Llanfairfechan Hospital and from Glyndwr University in Wrexham. So I thought what better way to do it than to to it on the bike. It was a great day out, but it was cold! Very cold! I lost count of the number of...
  12. Happy and safe New year.

    Happy New Year to all our members wherever you may be in the world....:thumbup: I am so looking forward to 2017 because for the first time in 10 years ,I dont have to carry my son as a passenger as he passed his test and has his own bike now. Have a great night everyone and try stay...
  13. Great start to the weekend

    My son just woke me up at the ungodly hour of 9am to tell me that he just passed his A1 driving test on a motorbike. Now we can finally start planning our first bike trip together where I dont have to lug him and our luggage around any more.:cheers::cheers::cheers: I think our first trip might...
  14. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  15. Howdo

    Dominator / FMX
    Howdo, I'm new to biking. Passed my test in June this year, I'm 40 mid life crisis etc. Anyway I bought myself a spangly GSXF650f its great but after some browsing for a 'winter' bike I set my heart on a Dominator. I bought one this week but have a few questions if I may? Id like to fit some...
  16. Magnesium Gold Paint For Engine Casings/Exhaust?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding any suitable paint for the exhaust heat shields on an RD03. What have people used in the passed? As far as I know the colour is Magnesium Gold. Will regular paint work or will it need to be high temperature? I won't be painting the engine casings...
  17. Dominator tyres.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. My son passed his test for a motorbike today so as soon as we can get the insurance and registration sorted he will be let loose on this. He has spent the last six months getting it ready and I need to follow him for a while to make...
  18. For Sale: Honda xr250 electric

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xr250 electric now sold Bridgestone gritty ed2 rear Trailmax front . Split but with a spare plus innertube Mot 08 04 Kyb rear shock Renthal bars Pro grip grips Digital clocks Rear battery cover gone missing stored in a dry place for ten years Needs tank cleaning inside before running...
  19. After MOT need to improve braking

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A passed its MOT yesterday but the tester asked how the brakes were when riding. It passed on the rollkng road but maybe after all those Alpine hairpins it deserves some TLC :) So I was thinking braided lines and a full fluid change. What lines have peeps used? Ta chucks :) John
  20. Headstock bearing

    Hi guys I haven't been on hear for a few years due to a lot of upheaval finances ,and my last Transalp I had to part with.So inbetween my last two bikes were a Yamaha majesty 400 scooter and recently a Fazer which I had for 4 weeks until a struck a deal to get my current Tranny 650 I am so...