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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    My carbs are worn past the point of repair and the only option seems to be some secondhand carbs; have seen them on eBay Germany in the past but not for a while. Haven't posted here for years but thought it might be worth a try. Anyone got some RD03 carbs lurking in the back of the shed? Cheers
  2. Transalp
    Afternoon. My first post here. Just acquired a scruffy 2002 Transalp 650. However, all seems reasonably sound with history etc. However, clutch seems very heavy, even with new cable. Before I dismantle, any thoughts please? Perhaps just bunged up with crud from the past 36,000 miles?
  3. Mechanical Advice
    Im Looking for tank badges/logo for my CG125 tank. The spacing between screw mounting holes is 60mm, but all the badges i can find on fleabay are 67mm spacing between holes. Anyone bought any of these in the past for their CG125 tank with 60mm hole spacing?
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Im Looking for tank badges/logo for my CG125 tank. The spacing between screw mounting holes is 60mm, but all the badges i can find on fleabay are 67mm spacing between holes. Anyone bought any of these in the past for their CG125 tank with 60mm hole spacing?
  5. Africa Twin
    I finally ordered and recieved my new Arrow PD exhaust. Looking forward to getting it installed but Curious about what I call exhaust tape that is very similar to putty sort of. Does anyone use it over here? I notice a lot of folks using exhaust paste but that looks to be a messy setup. Any...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, just awaiting delivery of a 99 AT, I'm planning to fit a chain oiler and have used Scottoiler in the past, which oiler do you guys recommend? I always felt you were adjusting the scottoiler from filthy everything to no oil! Thanks in advance JTP
  7. Transalp
    I have a 2010 XL700VA with just over 19,000 on the clock. I use it to commute and only do about 50 miles per week. For the past few weeks, from time to time, the engine will cut out when I turn sharply right so it is always at low speed. It restarts OK but it is embarrassing! Any ideas why this...
  8. Travel
    Hopefully, I am putting this in the right place. I am planning on going to EICMA this year and was wondering if Thursday the 10th would be less crowded than Friday or Saturday. From what I hear last year was crowded the whole time. Would love to hear from those who have been there in the...
  9. Africa Twin
    Haven't been riding my bike much over the past few years, but summer's coming! New boots, new brakes. Now it's raining :(
  10. Transalp
    Hi all I am off the view a 55 plate 650 TA with 48000 miles on the clock, from the pics its looks tidy. This will be my 1st "big" bike after having a vespa for the past 2yrs, is there anything specific I should be checking / looking for. thanks in advance. Graeme
  11. Travel
    While the driving public may not have used dashboard camera systems in the past, that could change in the near future as drivers become more aware of the potential benefits. If you get into an accident or have another issue on the road, a dash cam may provide proof of what actually happened and...
  12. Africa Twin
    Anybody riding past the prison in Swansea today on a @T. Was on the way back home from Singleton when someone riding a @T waved too me going the opposite direction, (same colour scheme as my avatar). Just managed to wave back in time. Great to see another @T rider out and about in the area.
  13. Dominator / FMX
    Just thought I'd say Hi! I'm hoping to buy a 1989 Dom from a friend in a few weeks so I thought I'd join up and check out whats going on. Ive had a few XL's, a XT Tenere and XTX660 in the past. Never had a dom before but have always liked the look of them since i saw the 1st ones in about 89...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    i just found out a couple of days ago while looking into Cbr 600's. (again!) i have owned three in the past but i have never heard of honda's message stamped inside the front nose fairing dedicated to two "developers" killed while testing and photographing the cbr F4. does anyone else know of...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hello all, I'm buying some Excels for the RD03 and having them shipped to Woody's Wheel Works to have them laced and the hubs drilled to accept some thicker spokes. I, rather stupidly, decided to separate the hubs from the old rims before taking note of the offsets. I've talked to Woody's who...
  16. Welsh Invasion
    Thought I would ask if any of you are heading past my way to the Welsh Invasion? I will be leaving on the Friday morning. Not sure what way to go. I could go the quick way A34 - M4 etc or I could go the Witney - Burford - Gloucester - Monmouth - Brecon etc route. This would be a lot more scenic...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    from my 2005 transalp - not required by me, sat in garage for the past 18+ months... in good condition £20 + postage or collection from Hastings or London (silvertown) Ta Sold
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi folks, now I'm back with bike and thrown off the chains of Her Majesty's Armed Forces I'm ready to get back amongst it with the gang if you'll have me!? Sadly no longer an AT owner but recently acquired a GS. i see the membership has grown exponentially in the past couple of years! When's...
  19. Spotted
    who went past the Tree Inn Stratton near Bude on Saturday night 27th July , I was tucking into a ,massive plate of ribs in the restaraunt as it went by,
1-19 of 57 Results