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  1. Bodgers Corner
    any one know if any other Honda regulater will fit my 95 afi or any good patent one's about bulbs blow and battery wont keep it's charge ! points to the regulater as honda ones do play up ??
  2. Chatter
    I was bidding on some moto-x boots on ebay and noticed the links they give you for altrnative similar items. check out what they class as similar,they remind me of what was on a posting recently about mabel's knee and what might have possibly been the cause of the fall...................... AXO...
  3. Africa Twin
    Well, I have been told on many occasions that my late RDo7 @ has fixed ignition timing, and that there is no adjustment (but I am the kind of guy that won’t take no for an answer. Well last week I was having a few niggles with the bike running a bit ‘lumpy’ at low RPM, not the kind of fault...
1-3 of 4 Results