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  1. Can I just say,

    argghhhhhhhhhhhh, why do I bother This article has really irritated me mainly because I have spent the last week trying to fire fight huge staffing problems mainly due to abusive patients and families who take up so much time I have to find extra nurses to care for the patients who aren't...
  2. The fragility of life

    ... on friday last in between interviewing staff I had a quick meeting with one of our managers. Afterwards I walked her out to the door, enjoying a bit of a laugh and a joke as you do. That night, friday, she was taking some of the elderly patients to a concert - and by all accounts they had a...
  3. How self aware are you?

    I only ask because I am now very very drunk and able to "share" :D :D I feel really out of place in a car, it is just not me the times that I am most comforatble is when I have just got off the bike and have had a good ride. (no pun intended :D ) I feel as if my bike gear is my second...
  4. Please Join me

    in a little drink. On Wednesday I officially opened my nurse led clinic, I wrote the business plan 3 years ago and now have a purpose built 6 roomed suite for my team of nurse practitioners to work in. My first patients came in yesterday. I have just opened a bottle of Champagne, and...
  5. Why is it??

    I have spent today updating job descriptions - riviting Why do I have to put in mine "is expected to deal with aggressive patients, relatives or staff on a occasional to regular basis" Rubbish what is the world coming to where it is expected that nurses or anyone is going to have to put up...
  6. NHS reforms

    I am going to be serious for a little minute, which I know is not usual for me but it is a subject very close to my heart (and my bank managers heart) Just watched the health secretary get a real and well deserved hard time from the royal college of nursing conference. It is the first time...