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  1. Work shift patterns - Good and bad

    Just wondering what people think of there shift patterns at work. At work we've been going through contract changes our department (engineering)was the last in the factory to get sorted. To get nearly 800 people changed over to what suits the factory has taken 18mths now and it's not quite...
  2. Best Piston - please help

    I'm new to this bit of the forum, I usual loiter around the Dominator/SLR one, but I've just bought a little CLR125. I have a spare engine for the CLR that needs a rebore. Genuine Honda pistons only go up to +.025mm and I need a .75mm overbore. There are Taiwanese patterns available, no Japanese...
  3. want to stencil/pattern your seat?

    Bodgers Corner
    found by accident while covering up a cock up, if you want to stencil writing or patterns or whatever into your seat vinyl, read this;
  4. Helmet - form over function

    As Derek Jameson might say, 'Is it me!' I would like a helmet where the visor, when lifted, goes into the helmet or a second skin. What do I mean? Well, any of you who ride at night and in the rain surely must suffer when the rain goes down in the inside of the visor and then car headlights hit...
  5. Driving in Paris

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    This has been prepared by one of the Guys (Usil) on the BCFr forum, some useful tips and perhaps we should put it one the web site, whaddya fink ? Driving in Paris: Driving in Paris requires you to be prepared for the typical French style of driving where unwritten rules exist and if you do...
  6. Do I wish...

    Do I wish the Prime Minister would stop asking rhetorical questions? Yes I do. Has he listened to Barack Obama's speech patterns and decided he'd like a bit of his popularity? Yes he has. Would he kindly disappear up into his worthless, value-free, elitist, regressive arse? No, I'm afraid he...
  7. Wanted: @ 1 Front & 1 Rear Spoke

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does any one have an old front and rear spoke I could have/borrow please? I need to send them off to Hagons as patterns for new sets. Failing that, does anyone know the measurements for these spokes? Thanks :thumbup:
  8. Some BMW info

    Two replica BMW 1200GS Adventure motorcycles, one of Ewan McGregor and the other of Charley Boorman. The replicas stand out thanks to the same leopard and zebra patterns while traction control, ABS brakes and a tire pressure control system are standard and ready for those who feel like going on...
  9. Sprockets,yet again!!

    Bear with me folks. Earlier this year i bought a well used 03 Alp, it did have a recent new C&S set, due to "circs" I've not been able to cover many miles yet. When about to refit my rebuilt back wheel I decided to give the back end of the bike a good going over. The back sprocket and chain...
  10. Panniers or Throw-overs?

    Hello I am planning a solo trip to Spain around Easter with a mate, It'll be my first overseas trip and the longest ride I have ever done since getting back in to bikes 9 years ago. I have a Vara 08 with topbox, but having done a 2 day ride in autumn, I know the box isn't big enough for what...
  11. The Longest Day was the last straw !!!

    Well !!! Wee Mr "level head" finally got tipped over the edge and it was the longest day what did it !!! or should I say , trying to arrange my participation round a shift rota. I just resigned my "part time" job with the Scottish Ambulance Service. At the start of the year we got a new...
  12. Autocom Super Pro Avi - Motorcycle Communication System

    Product Reviews
    I've had Autocom units for some time now and in 2007 upgraded to the Super Pro Avi unit. It has some really nice features: Foolproof VOX performance guaranteed to 180mph — even for bike-to-bike. Side tones-duplex intercom-instantaneous voice activation for normal speech patterns...
  13. "Gentle" lanes, South Beds area.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Was a good turnout, given I didn't know who to expect. XR, 2 TAs, 2ATs, lovely mix of tread patterns and depths! Weather had been kind, there were some super puddles, and in places the mud was quite nice too. Sand/water led to fast brick road, sandy ruts, more puddles, then a longer road...
  14. £40 000 Ming clam

    Just read this story A 400 year clam called "MING" has been found recently and Help the Aged are funding research on how it lived so long to the tune of an amazing £40 000 WHY ??????? I really for the life of me can't understand why Help the Aged are spending so much of their funding in...
  15. Correct rotation for Conti Escape tyres??

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just about to fit two Conti Escape tyres to TA 2006. On the front tyre the rotational arrow has 'front' printed on it. On the rear tyre the rotational arrow has 'rear' printed on it. My assumption is 'front' is for front wheel use only and 'rear' is for rear wheel use only. BUT, the tread...
  16. Yet another tyre thread! - Best pure road tyres for the wet?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Finally admitted to myself that I'm seriously unlikely to do any off-roading at all until spring so I'm looking for the very best wet grip road tyres for the @. Ideally I'd like a much softer front than back as I don't get any confidence from the front in the wet, and I don't mind...
  17. Just One Tooth !!!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Just one tooth! Thats all thats missing!! Being the skinflint I am, I bought a chain and sprocket kit off of eBay. Now don't panic all you lot out there, I've NO intention of using the shite front sprocket supplied, as I've already fitted an OEM Honda one. My predicament is, the kit I bought...