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  1. All you Tax Payers!

    For all the UK tax payers out there, THIS is what your "one days work a week for the taxman" pays for.... Benefit scrounger scum daybreak - YouTube :mad: (Come on Jason, we're all waiting for you!!!!)
  2. WTF is going on ?

    Chums ... And Fellow Earthlings ... Unless I'm very much mistaken ... The Evil Hedge Fund managers are clamouring, buying up short-term Greek debt, to turn a profit on it when the Greek economy gets bailed-out by the rest of the EU. Therefore, US, UK and EU tax payers will, in effect, be...
  3. Lands End?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am in Falmouth, Cornwall for the next month with my Transalp if anyone wants to meet up for a ride out? I can also offer you a free tour of the ship I work on - see where your tax payers money goes!
  4. Money saving Idea for the Govmnt

    Nows the time to include road tax with petrol. Huge savings will be made for us tax payers like a large reduction in DVLA staff pestering us with road tax reminders and declaring SORN (what a mess they can make with that). Those that do the high mileage will pay more. Those who do low mileage...
  5. Banks

    All I would realy like to hear what normal:thumbup: people think, from this independent forum that I have visited, posted on, and respect, as the BBC will not publish a Blog my wife has sent on this subject on several occasions. I am no where near as articulate as her,an English Teacher, but...
  6. BBC Fined.

    Chatter I shall try not to swear but dont they rip us off enough as it is? I mean the only reason we pay a TV licence is for the BBC This line really got to me Horrible horrible people. The fine should come out...
  7. Another petition

    petition to get cheaper fuel for people in areas that have no public transport, the guy that has started it is a friend of mine, came from the Doncaster Area now living in devon, and is a biker these are his words Government policy cut rail services in rural areas to save money. Bus services...
  8. Bikes on the NHS - Cheaper than Therapy.

    Yesterday , Friday , I had a crap old day at work - (spreadsheet overload) I was delayed getting away and totally pissed-off with life when I finally got out. It was dark, pissing with rain, and blowing a gale when I finally thumbed the Transalp into life and started for home. I got about a mile...