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  1. All you Tax Payers!

    For all the UK tax payers out there, THIS is what your "one days work a week for the taxman" pays for.... Benefit scrounger scum daybreak - YouTube :mad: (Come on Jason, we're all waiting for you!!!!)
  2. The Bitch has died RIP

    My RD04 affectionatly known as "The Bitch" was stolen from outside my house sometime last night... She was recovered around 8:30 this morning partially embedded into a Rover Metro... The metro might be driven again but my bike is a write off :( The rider and pillion were unable to leave...
  3. insurance for bikes and car as fleet

    i am a member of the caterham car club and at the moment they are trying to do a deal with an insurance company whick looks almost to good to be true, the premium will be about £1,000 a year but for that they will cover up two 5 cars and 5 bikes for me and the wife to both drive fully comp with...
  4. Money saving tip!! Screen/fairing threaded inserts

    Africa Twin
    These parts: Are available much cheaper than over the Honda parts counter. I only found this out after paying Honda £££ for the 'genuine' :rolleyes: part. The Honda part is made by the same company as the ones my Dad grabbed out the back of his van and pays pennies for. The generic ones...
  5. Honda RD04 parts and peices for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have got the following items for sale, complete front end including fornt wheel with tyre (in good condition) discs, calipers, brake lines and brake lever (with mirror), acerbis front mudguard, speedo cable. Ideally I would like to sell as job lot either buyer collects or pays for courier...
  6. First 1000 miles on my Varadero

    After coming from an RD04 Africa Twin, the Varadero was quite a shock to begin with. First impressions was that it felt a lot softer and not as tight as the Africa a very different feel. It also felt a lot more powerful and more comfortable than the Africa. The engine did not feel quite as...
  7. 600TA air filter

    I was in our local Honda shop today ordering a new throttle tube for my '99 600TA, and thought I may as well get a couple of oil and air filters, so I can do a service on the thing, and still have a set in stock for next time. Throttle tube was about £14. Fair enough. Oil filters were about £7...