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  1. XL600R Newbie from Düsseldorf, Germany

    I’m a Newbie from Düsseldorf, Germany and own my XL600R PD03 now since 36y’s. By this way I like to expand my range to British XL600R riders. Here is a 1st impression of my old bucket: .
  2. PD06 vs PD10 Carb Feed pipe

    I have a PD10 TA 600 with the helmholtz resonator but I also have the carb feed pipe off a PD06 without it, which one should I fit? Is it likely for emissions/economy/performance or to take a tone out of the exhaust note?
  3. Cam chain guide Replacement issue

    Hello from Greece,Im rebuilding my XL600LM (1985-PD04) and i need the GUIDE, CAM CHAIN Part number:14620MK4620 which replaces (14620MG3003, 14620MK4600, 14620MK4601 that older XRs have). The problem is that this part, is no longer available!!!Has anyone tried the NX650 ? i.e.(14620MN9870 Guide...
  4. Exaust tape/paste

    Africa Twin
    I finally ordered and recieved my new Arrow PD exhaust. Looking forward to getting it installed but Curious about what I call exhaust tape that is very similar to putty sort of. Does anyone use it over here? I notice a lot of folks using exhaust paste but that looks to be a messy setup. Any...
  5. 600 main stand for sale....

    spotted on ebay.. £100 these OEM ones are quite rare
  6. Wanted: Wanted ..Transalp 600 (1994) Centre stand

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone selling a complete centre stand for a 1994 Transalp 600 (PD06)?
  7. YSS PD Valve for Dominator 650

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to upgrade the front fork of my Dommie, but i cannot find which YSS PD valve is for the bike. Any info? Thank's in advance
  8. Wanted: Honda Xl600LM side panels PD04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Everyone, has any body got and XL600LM side panels for sale. will accept any condition. pictures please, may even consider getting them copied after this search!! Best regards John.
  9. Xr 125 l6 carb parts

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi there I've just put on an arrow exhaust system and I'm wondering what I can do in the carb when this system is on it. Has anyone done this to their exhaust and carb. I'm not overly confident of not ballsing it up.. Where should I be looking as a starting point? Keihin PDN 2B [After 0'3] Main...
  10. xl600v front wheel

    Mechanical Advice
    can anyone tell me if the front wheel from a xl650v RD10 is the same as a PD10 ? Thanks in advance
  11. Wanted: PD10

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi can anyone tell me which other model xl`s wheels will slip straight into my 1999 xl600v PD10 twin disc, ive been emailing ebay sellers for the diamentions of their wheel rims and will they fit a PD10, all i get back over half the time is a simple no and alot of tyre sizes. Can someone tell me...
  12. Honda Service Repair Manuals PDF

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to share with you a place where you can download service manuals for your motorcycle. This site has a daily limit of 4 service manuals. Honda Service Manuals Hope it helps!
  13. Here's one for Alias

    Here's one to drool over. Looks a cracking example, twin headlights too.. 1987 HONDA xl 600 lmf paris dakar PD04 | eBay
  14. Wanted: WANTED RD03 Stock screen/ nice exhaust (France)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a standard screen for an RD03, and I need a new end can too - stock would be great, Arrows PD for RD03 would be perfect, anything else considered. I'm based in France... Thank you!
  15. Africa Twin Arrow Exhaust

    Africa Twin
    I have been offered an Arrow can (part number 72005PD),i have a RD07a and i am getting a bit confused as to if it will fit as looking at the pics of an RD07a one it looks slightly different,(no small heat shield and straight link pipe) as the one offered has the small heat shield and a more...
  16. yss fork valves

    Africa Twin
    has anyone tried these? are they basically a cheaper version of ricor intimators? YSS PD FORK VALVES 31mm
  17. A couple of xl600v questions?

    Is the engine used on the PD10 marked as a PD06, I know it sounds odd but have just fully stripped my 1998 PD10 to bare frame and I'm sure I'm the first to do my engine is marked as a PD06? And is the exhaust manifold the same on both a PD06 and PD10?
  18. For Sale: Transalp400V CDI unit / ECU for sale

    eBay - Transalp
    CDI for Transalp400v ND06 / Transalp600v PD06 for sale. Check other CDI models in the item description. :smile: Derestricted CDI Unit ECU for Honda XL400V Transalp 400V TRANSALP400V 1 Piece | eBay
  19. Header advice needed

    Thought I'd pop in here and ask advice from those that know a lot more than I do about Transalps.............:D Does anyone know if the headers from a PD06 can be fitted to the PD10?