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    Hi Everyone, has any body got and XL600LM side panels for sale. will accept any condition. pictures please, may even consider getting them copied after this search!! Best regards John.
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    Here's one to drool over. Looks a cracking example, twin headlights too.. 1987 HONDA xl 600 lmf paris dakar PD04 | eBay
  3. XL
    Hello everyone, I haven’t posted much on here before but here goes….. It’s freezing outside, but today’s the day that a faithful but much neglected LM gets the attention it deserves (but probably doesn’t want). It’s gradually disintegrated over the last six years that I’ve had it due to it’s...
  4. XL
    hi all Can anyone help me find the chain slider...the one on the swing arm i can't seem to find 1.... anyone have any ideas or even a second hand one............cheers model pd04 lmf:thumbleft:
  5. XL
    Hiya Can anybody please tell me the order of the top 2 piston rings for this engine? One has a flat rectangular cross section while the other has chamfers on the top and bottom. I'm almost certain the top ring is the flat one and the chamfered one is the second, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd be...
  6. XL
    Whats it mean? Obviously the PD is Paris-Dakar, but what does the 04 refer to? Mine has a gold coloured swing arm, fork sliders and wheel rims, does that help?
1-6 of 6 Results