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  1. Travel
    This seems to be a nice tool to find campsites for free. At least in North America there are plenty of them listed. For the rest of the world it´s terra incognita more or less. Check out this one, too: You have to flag "informal campsites"...
  2. Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi all I've been looking at bluetooth gear for the helmet. Interphone F4/F5 and Midland stuff whilst good is expensive. Has anyone any views, comments or reviews even of this stuff.... Newest1000m BT interphone bluetooth motorcycle Motorbike helmet intercom Headset | eBay or DK118-1000...
  3. Accessories
    I have let my Navman PIN 100 PDA go completely flat and it's asking for the application CD to be install so I can turn on the GPS, only thing is I've lost the CD:rolleyes:. I use it for Memory map, does anybody know of a way I can turn the GPS on without installing SmartST application CD, long...
  4. Chatter
    Does anybody out there know of a pda which is shock-proof and waterproof. I want to use my memory-maps for off-roading found garmin gpsmap60csx didn't give very much detail amd the software is sh**e. A PDA will display all 1:25000 maps as you would see any other map.
  5. Mechanical Advice
    I am thinking about using my PDA for navigating. I have it set up with a GPS but no road map system. Most of the software I have seen is almost as expensive as buying a cheap tomtom. Can anyone recommend cheap good software?
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Hey guys, I am running tt 5 on my palm, and it is okay. What i was wondering is does anyone use other maps with there TomTom? also does anyone have european maps that they would not mind me trying. I would really like to get Os maps on the unit.. but dont know 1) how to get any other map to...
  7. Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone use a Pocket PC for navigation on their bike? If so, i would appreciate (affordable) mounting/weatherproofing solutions anyone might have. I intend to use it with 1:50000 memory maps alongside my TomTom rider. I currently have it in the top clear bit of my tank bag which is not...
  8. Africa Twin
    I have a PDA with built-in GPS (Mitac Mio 168) and want to mount it on the bike somewhere (where I can see it).. Anyone know of a cheap way of doing this?
  9. Africa Twin
    Just got myself a Mio 168, which is a PocketPC with built-in GPS. Very nice and is just 112.0 x 69.6 x 24.15mm in size. The problem I have is how to mount it on my Africa Twin and still enable it to be used for navigation. Have seen that Touratech do a product that includes a mounting bracket...
1-9 of 9 Results