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  1. Guy Martin and some legendary riders

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This ones got a biker in it !! Mojo Trail Diaries: Steve Peat, Guy Martin & Joe Barnes - YouTube
  2. RD07 found on Pyrenean peak

    French Provincial papers from the Bayonne region report that an RD07 was found on the top of Canigou, a tall peak in the Pyrenees. Local mountaineers cannot understand how it got there, as ropes and pitons have to be used to get to the summit. The bike was on its centrestand, on a flat block of...
  3. The art of motorcycle maintenance South London

    I got my first bike, a Transalp, back in Feb this year and I have to admit I don't have the first clue about repairing or maintaining it (beyond the basic pre-ride checks). When I take it in for a service the explanation of work from the mechanic sounds like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon...
  4. The Most Powerful @ In The World!!!

    Africa Twin
  5. Lexus LS400

    What have i done !!!!!!! I am not a big fan of cars, too easy to waste good money that could be spent on bikes !!!!. My younger brother bought a really nice Lexus LS400 a few weeks ago, what a car, i could not believe how good it was to drive, incredibly smooth and basically silent. So...
  6. Clutch rattle

    Africa Twin
    Hi, just recently bought a '96 RD07 with very rattly clutch, no noise with clutch in, very rattly when released. Thought I'd check it out. Could not find a great deal wrong other than the following which must be the cause due to it now being extremely smooth with no rattle! (yet). There are...
  7. Dommies off-road?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hoping to get a Dommie soon. Previously had one and changed the original rims for Super moto rims. I'd like to do the same this time and use those for day-to day. However, since last owning a Dommie, I havre decided I'd love to do some more off-roading. Not crossing peat-bogs or anything...
  8. New look wheel-rims

    Hi folks, since my once sparkly rims have seen a winter and now sport the "left-in-a-peat-bog-for-six-months" look, I'd love to get a pair of black rims like the new TA has. Obviously paint is the way to go, rather than fork out for a new set, so is there an easy spray-on type of stuff...
  9. My first car crash

    Popped off to the post office thisafternoon, and stopped at some traffic lights - then screeeeeech and bang clatter clunk :twisted: Some dozy old codger skidded straight into the back of me from about 30 mph :shock: Gave my pea brain a right good rattle in my noggin and given me a headache...
  10. Dominator A to Z - Your Dominator needs you !

    Dominator / FMX
    OK guys - we all struggle now and again...some of us :oops: more than others.......have a look at this link.......... ....... here we have Chapters 1 to 21 covering everything from the service manual to troubleshooting pages, calling in at fuel...
  11. Innapropriate luggage

    While weaving home last night I found myself wondering about the bazaar things I carry by bike. The Cortina was a relatively new addition to our household, so everything has been brought home by bike for the last 15 years. Apart from the weekly shopping some of my favorite examples of...