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  1. What a Peach.

    I've always thought the WR 250 was miles better than the 450 for relaxed usable riding. Today I rode my mates 450 and directly after rode the Honda XR250 R-2, this one - what a contrast,what suspension,what a bike ! I'd say this bike is a better bike for Trails/green lanes than any other...
  2. Damp Day Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Arrived in Builth Wells at 9.30am sharp to find a member of the public hassling PhilW to sell him his shiny Alp :D, after a brief chat, we headed for Elan Village, and the first of the Reservoirs built to supply Water to Yam Yam land From here we had a quick ride round Claerwen, followed by...
  3. Triumph Warranty Woes

    Right first of all I have to apologise to Jim Simpson (africajim) for if I'd have listened to his gripes instead of defending thid brand/dealer network I wouldn't be in this situation. Jim, I humbley apologise I purchased My July 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC ABS with 3500 miles on the clock on the...
  4. Tiger 800xc test ride

    Test Ride Reports
    A good friend recently traded his (55 reg) 650 Alp for a Tigger. Tonight, I took it out for a spin ;-) ...... 1st impressions; the engine is sweet & soooo smooth with nice, strong linear performance from pretty much tickover. Once up to speed you notice how poor the standard screen is with...
  5. R1 cross-plane crank engine

    Couple of questions! From what I can see they have simply staggered the piston order along the crankshaft. I can't understand why inline fours haven't always been like this. Is it some sort of technical breakthrough? Also, do any other bikes use this engine yet? It's an utter peach. Reminds...
  6. Lola (XL600V) maybe Valuation

    What's it worth?
    Still hankering after an Early Tiger (steamer) so toying with offering Lola up. P-Reg 30K, no known issues or problems- at all. Overall Good/ very good Nick for age. I would look to sell her pretty much as standard (ie put oem exhaust back on, take spotlights and alarm off etc) I guess the...
  7. almost there ! (cost )

    hi folks , just thought I would drop you all a line to give an update on my 04 trans , you might remember ( gearbox ! expensive ! ) well its done ,its back together ,and running like a peach ! ,cost --- £968 !!!! yes I know what people are thinking lol, but thats for a totally rebuild a lot of...
  8. Kickstart conversion

    Hi, I get me XR250 next week, transpires its a XR250L as it has electric start and carry's a little extra weight (bit like me :p) but it looks a peach :thumbup:. I found a link to an old blogg where the writer bought a kit so he was able to add a kickstart alongside the 'red button' Does...
  9. Welcome to the newest member to the Alp squadron

    Won't say who he is as he will be along to introduce you to a very nice little find as soon as he has taken a gratuitous amount of pictures. I am a little jealous actually,she's a peach and I let her slip through my fingertips, still she's got a good new home and will be spoilt...
  10. Xr 600 front forks

    Ive recently bought a 91 xr600r and while the engine is a peach and the rear shock is nicely balanced the front is woefully soft almost to the point when you touch the front brake the forks dive and almost bottom out, not confidence inspiring.. Have a spare complete USD front end that i have...
  11. Mmmmmmmmmmm

    2 Merangues Huge dollop of Icecream Dollop of double thick cream Crumbled chocolate from a cadburys twirl All soaked in peach juice. That's what I'm eating right now. Yummy.
  12. Centre stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Seen a few threads about difficulty using centre stands. Having nearly pulled something trying to heave my @ up, I tried this: it works a peach. Put a narrow, 2 inch thick piece of wood on the floor and roll the back wheel onto it, the momentum makes it quite easy. Then put the stand...
  13. Hmmmmm yummmmmmm

    Icecream, merangue, peach juice, cream, and a crushed flake - that's what I'm eating now :D Sorry, as you were ........ :D:D:D
  14. Hello

    Africa Twin
    I've just signed up and figured I ought to introduce myself and explain how ATs came into my life. As a life-long road (and road racing) oriented rider they didn't appear on my personal radar until about three years ago when a friend, who had never owned one, told me he wanted to get a...
  15. Gone and got myself a 'proper bike'

    Africa Twin
    Well i've gone and done it :!: Being on this forum for a while now, the bug has finally got to me - i am now a proper member - unless it is going to turn into the GS org :shock: I was looking around for an @ anyway, and one day Redcaps bike was up for sale - price looked good, so nipped...