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  1. All is Peachy

    Doesn't seem too many weeks ago my Transalp was in bits and pieces all over the garage floor having a major service and suspension rebuild. With a week off work, I thought it deserved a good run out and have just got back from a 905 mile loop from Newark. It averaged 56mpg with the highest...
  2. World Enduro Championships 19/20th July.

    Ride Reports and Pictures There you go, saves overloading this forum with pic's:thumbup: Brilliant weekend. Always good to get home and see family and the likes and then to have this on my old doorstep is just peachy. Nice one:thumbup:
  3. Big thumpers in Shrop's/Mid Wales (Rob and Mike) 29/06/08.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, what a great weekend although it didnt start out to bloody cracky. Went over to see parents (mothers birthday, take Bryn (son) over to see them etc) so i thought i may aswell take my XR650R. Missus left early to get over there for little ones dinner and i messed about getting trailer...
  4. A little bimble around Norfolk (on and off road on XR400).

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, i was sat here early in the morning feeling sorry for meself cause i was worried about being able to do the Cambrian cause i aint been feeling to cracky. Stupid really, got no time for feeling sorry for meself and being sappy so i thought bugger it, whats the best way to find out how im...
  5. Little bike, big smiles comming.

    Other Bikes
    Well, I bought a Kawasaki KE100 from Yen Powell about 3 years ago after it had hibernated in his store for 10years. Took it in to get looked over this week at Barneys Bikes in Strood, and some carbureter bits and fresh fuel later...... puttering happily, then took her today from the bike shop to...
  6. Beemer taken at the lights. Top laugh

    Just seen a peachy one while out in the works van. I stopped at lights behind a messenger guy riding a little monkey bike. Next thing a whopping great big GS??? barges between the cars and toots the monkey bike to give him space at the front of the queue. Odd sight of great big bike carrying Mr...
  7. MOT Pass!

    Africa Twin
    Well, I dug her out of the back of the garage, brushed away the cobwebs and took her in for the pre-season MOT. Passed first time - not bad considering she ain't been used for a few months. All was peachy until........ ......... major loss of power 5 mins after pulling out of the workshop...
  8. A Naked @

    Africa Twin
    I thought you lot might like to see this picture of an @ I got off the Net some time last year. All I know about it is that it was owned and costomised by an Aussie. I don't know about any of you, but I really like it. In fact, the only things I'd change are the seat, engine bars and the colour...