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  1. Arai Tour x 3

    I expect they will not Fit, But will the Peak and Visor from a Tour x 3 Fit the Tour x 4 . Cheers Francis
  2. Fun in Wales

    Dominator / FMX
    Just back from a long weekend in Wales. I found some fantastic trails and I did the "Wayfarer", which is the first trail that I've been on that was long enough for me to be glad it was coming to an end. There are loads of trails here in the Peak District but they tend to be short. The Wayfarer...
  3. Peak District Air Accident Research

    These are two good websites for those that take interest in these matters. Peak District Aircraft Crash Sites Map and Aviation Archaeology Some of the sites should be possible to visit even for a biker (without bike).
  4. Best TA 700 windshield out there ????

    Hiya all . Every time I've used my ta I get a vibration in my head when I go over 45mph . Caused through the wind shield . I'm 5ft 8 inches and got the givi wind shield fitted . Is there any wind shield out there that will pass the wind over my head instead of hitting the peak on my shoie hornet...
  5. peak district ride out?

    Anyone around the peak district fancy an off road ride out? I don't have any friends with off road bikes :mad: Il be on my transalp 600 Is there anyone going out I can tag along with?!
  6. Arai Tour X 3

    I've been offered a very very lightly used Arai Tour X 3 at a good price,how do you guys get on with them as I've read differing reviews on them regarding buffeting at certain speeds from the peak,how do you guys get on with that?
  7. Arai customer service

    A massive thanks to Terry Birtles from Arai helmets. I recently bought a second hand Arai Tour X3 helmet, after a few rides i noticed the peak would not hold up in the fully open position and would drop down very easily, i contacted Arai who advised on a few different replacement parts but...
  8. Could I ask you to read this and sign up?

    Hi Guy's,Sorry if this has been posted before.As per the header, could you have a look at the following link and sign up to it...
  9. TRF Petition to the Peak District National Park Authority

    Will they listen? Don't know, but if no-one signs they sure as hell won't! So please take a minute to voice your opinion...
  10. cheap b+b peak district

    does any on know off any cheap b+b / hostels around the peakdistrict or just outside please
  11. Yet another day spent in The Peak District

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It must be the draw of a Jellys breakfast but Hudders and me were out and about in the Peaks again Obviously we rode to to top of this hill after the photo shoot Hudders wasn't his usual self ;) The weather was a bit changeable but we had a reet good ride out
  12. Peak district today

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm heading up to The Yonderman Cafe A623 Wardlow Mires, Buxton SK17 8RW this morning, I'll be there around 10am if anyone fancies a brew:thumbup:
  13. Nice ride today = maintenance tomorrow

    Took the AT out today for a bimble around the lanes of Lincolnshire to test the satnav connection out for the Dambusters Run Had a thoroughly good time but after a couple of hours there was a noticeable grating noise whenever I used the rear brake Looks like it will need a peak sometime soon...
  14. Peak District off road

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a ride out the other day, very wet but still a good time. These trails were like rivers at times. Transalp behaved very well, first time I've tried it it such conditions, bottomed out a good few times - maybe need tpo look at better sump guard if I'm going do it more often. This was trial...
  15. Shock & Awe !

    Didn't actually get a shock, but I was in awe of this. First time I've really hear'd the linear power of electricity sound awesome :) Chip Yates 2011 Pikes Peak - Full Record Setting Race! - YouTube
  16. First time off roading the DR

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and Hudders decided to meet up at Jellys with the DR's and explorer some of the lanes the Peak District have to offer Once we had had our fill of Julies epic breakfast we set about the task in hand. I was more than a little nervous, partly due to my lack of off road ability and partly due to...
  17. Perfect day

    Great Roads/Routes
    A pint for the first to name that peak ! Taken a fortnight ago on my Highland stravaiging (wandering). Sun shone, roads almost empty, NO MIDGIES! One of a few perfect days spent in God's own country. Bliss! Les Later: What? No takers ? It is Stac Pollaidh (Stac Polly to the soothmoothers -...
  18. Men and motors...

    Woke up to a lovely sunny day on Sunday and had a ride out to Ashbourne in the Peak District planned. However, as we made our way out on the A50 the rain set in hard, and it was all greyness ahead. We decided to abort the trip and stick with a local bimble instead. En route, we passed signs to...
  19. White Peak Half Marathon - Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance

    As some of you know I'm running another half marathon in a couple of weeks and I wanted to try and raise a few £££s for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance again. if anyone would like to make a donation please do so via my Just Giving website
  20. Falmouth Beach Resort Hotel

    Any one booking a holiday here this year or already has booked one may think again bit of bad news. Wife was at work today,at an industrial estate in Falmouth around midday the air was stinking in smoke and it filled Falmouth. Apparently on the 3rd floor a fire broke out over 100 fire fighters...