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pendle hill

  1. The Daily Commute

    I've no idea if this will take off but following on from a thread that Whealie started where the last few posts have been pictures of the days commute. So, how was your commute today? Anything worth taking a picture of? I'll start the ball rolling (if it's going to roll at all that is!) This...
  2. First run out on my supermoto @

    Africa Twin
    Hi Been waiting to go out on bike but needed to fix indicators and get a few new bits on the bike ie mirror, front master cylinder side fairing and the big day arrived. Its a while since I have been out and was a bit worried I wouldn`t make it back. I neednt have worried off I went on a few...
  3. The Witches Promise

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I planned this journey because I fancied a twisty, high climbing route away from main roads, that won't take up too much of a Sunday (2 to 3 hours depending on brew stops ). I know it's not everyone’s cup of tea but it does it for me and is particularly suited to the Dominator. The...