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  1. For Sale: Africa Twin RD04 crash bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Got a set of original black crash bars for an AT RD04, for sale. Asking 110 EUR which is about 95 GBP ? Don't know how to upload here but can send them by email, pictures. For perfect condition they need some new paint. Comes with all bits to attached them to your bike. Can ship...
  2. RD04 Scratching noise when pulling clutch

    Africa Twin
    Hi :) I have an RD04 from 1990 with 67000kms on the clock. The last couple of days I have started to notice a scratching sound from the engine when I pull the clutch and let I roll to a traffic light or something. Everything sounds perfect in neutral and when driving that's why I am worried...
  3. Rear shock - A bit too soft?

    Hi. I have had my 99' TA 600 for a while now, and I want to make my bike a little less soft, and also try to lift the rear a bit. Is this possible just by modifying the original parts? Has anyone done this before? In the front I added a few mm. of fork-oil, and changed the viscosity. That...
  4. Re Born Rider, Back In The Saddle on a RD07!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, After 10years, I am proud to say that I have bought another Twin. I sold my last one, a RD04, many years ago and deeply regretted the decision. My new one is a 2001, 18,000 mile model. It is in almost perfect condition, and has been parked up since 2003! I have changed to oil etc, but...
  5. back brake problem RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Bike was running perfect and I decided to fit rugged roads snail cam chain adjusters which only involves taking long bolt out etc. Went out on bike today and brake performance not good. The rear brake used to be very good and I didnt think I lost a spacer but what have I done wrong?
  6. MOT a week or two back - chain tension saga

    Discreetly watch second bike TA 650 going though its MOT and I know that chain brings out worst of tester's OCD as it was marked as loose in advisory last year. I know it's in perfect condition and correctly tensioned but for him it's a fail for too slack. So he kindly gets the tools out and...
  7. Anyone want a free 600 exhaust silencer?

    i have this and it seems a shame to bin it genuine 600 exhaust muffler/silencer the 'bottom' end is is perfect nick, but there is rust and a 8mm hole on the rear - easy fix for someone who can weld or rivet a plate on top? collect north London or £10 postage (uk)
  8. Translap "pops"

    Translap "pops" ( SOLVED !!!) Got 2 problems and here is the story ...English is not my native language so be nice to me .... Trasnsalp 650 in perfect condition 165.000 klm all service on time carburetors cleaned very very well 2000 klm ago by authorized service center . 1) At any...
  9. volt meter

    Africa Twin
    On my last AT I had a volt meter that I bought from ebay that was basically a bulb in a rubber shroud that changed colour depending on the voltage. it was the perfect size to fill the space in the dash box that houses the lights for oil, neutral, highbeam, and indicaters. I have spent the...
  10. TA 700 TP sensor

    After fitting a LeoVance decat pipe, I started having problems with the throttle position sensor, so i bought a second hand throttle body, I put the original exhaust back on the bike, fitted the second hand tp sensor on to my throttle body, cleared the fault code from the ECM, hey presto bike...
  11. For Sale: Africa twin Ignitech CDi

    eBay - Africa Twin
    for sale is an Ignitech CDI .. bought for my RD07a but never needed it.. as the fault I thought was in the CDi was found elsewhere. But I ran this in the bike and it worked perfect. comes with optional extra of the connector adapter. SPARKER TCIP4 - IgniTech P?elou? €100 + postage and packaging
  12. Transalp 650 07 choke won't stay open!

    Hi all. My choke won't stay open on my bike. I can Pull it open revs pick up all perfect but it seems Like there is a bit of force pulling the lever back closed? Can't seem to work it out. Has anyone come across Is there anything to adjust? Your wisdom would be much appreciated. Cheers...
  13. XL650 V Car rebuild kit (uk/europe)

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get a carb rebuild kit in the uk for my xl650? Something like this HONDA XL600V TRANSALP 600 NEW KEYSTER CARBURETOR MASTER REPAIR KIT KH-1347 | eBay would be perfect. 600 ones seem common, but not 650. Not sure if there is significant difference, but 650 models...
  14. For Sale: XRV750 RD07a silencer and fuel pump

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, I have for sale: original exhaust silencer for Africa Twin RD07A (mine from 1996) fair condition! 35 GBP & original Honda fuel pump. Works perfect however needs other contactpoints (bad points & not working currently). The pump has done 40.000km - changed points & stopped working...
  15. SOAPY Brake line BLEEDER

    Spotted on't'interweb ... “So, around your house you’ve probably got those handy liquid soap dispensers, the ones with the little push pump on the top. Well don’t throw them away when finished because that pump is absolutely perfect to bleed brakes with. Simply attach a tube to the bleed nipple...
  16. New tenere next year? Long awaited balanced bike?

    New Yamaha Tenere 700 Prototype Spotted - ADV Pulse Sounds like the perfect bike for me, I will forget about honda !
  17. Rally fairing from Greece

    Africa Twin
    Anyone have experience with this crowd and product they sell ? I'm after front rally fairing one piece but to fit stock lights and forks Here is the link Perfect Fairings - RALLY FAIRINGS - Africa Twin RD03 RD04 rally fairing Val 2 bikes , twice is happy ?
  18. 1st Spain Trip

    Hello All, longtime lurker first time posting. Had my Transalp since Christmas, just taken my first ever road trip to Spain, pulled in to Salamanca and after parking up look what was next to me. Knew it was gonna be a good trip then! Met loads of other bikers and everyone agreed the roads are...
  19. Running woes. Cdi issues?

    Xl600v 1990. Tick over perfect. Open throttle perfect. Whilst riding it's like it's bogging down tops out at 60 eventually no torque. Fuel lines fine, carbs spotless, jets clear. My exhaust is shite but this hasn't changed and it did run perfect? Im not in the position to fork out...