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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Intermittent problem, hoping to nail it before it becomes a permanent problem - no light on when gear is in neutral. For a while on my commute this morning, the neutral light stopped working. It was fine when I set off, stopped for a while, then was fine again. Any ideas what to look at first...
  2. Accessories
    Got my new TomTom Rider v5 today and the hardwire charger for the permanent connection doesn't have an inline fuse So I'm gonna buy an inline fuse holder from ebay but what size fuse would you fit? Ta John
  3. Bodgers Corner
    Had a bit of a brainwave yesterday, and thought I'd try it out;) After a quick helmetless blast up the road last evening, it appears to work...might even get round to making it a more permanent fixture after a more thorough test today:mrgreen: Special prize for the first person to tell...
  4. Africa Twin
    Just got a Optimate3 off ebay for ard US$58. Bought it mainly because its a battery optimizer and now im beginning to doubt whether this is really what im looking for. I did a search on this forum regarding Optimate usage and it seems to me that most of u guy use it mainly for charging the bike...