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  1. Windshield for Transalp 700 2013

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on which is the best touring windshield. I did a google search and i can see lots of them so just want a personal input which one should i get Cheers. adasilva
  2. Shock choice

    Dominator / FMX
    My winter project is coming along nicely and I like it so far The rear shock at present is from a zx6r but I think it is to soft. I have seen 3 other shocks I am interested in. Hagon Wilbers ( no preload) Wilbers more expensive but has a dial( able)setting I know it's a personal choice but do...
  3. Heated clothing

    I'm looking for any personal recommendations on heated jacket liners for winter commuting. I've looked at the Keis X25, the Gerbing 12V jacket liner, and the EXO2 StormRider. Are there any others I should consider? Would there be a big difference in warming ability between sleeved and...
  4. Which one is your favourite?

    My teenage son has just started a months work experience in a Danish bike shop and he sent me some pictures today of some of the boss,s personal bike collection. Non of the bikes are for sale but which one would you choose if it came up for sale? This is the shop. I cant pick which...
  5. Which exhausts ?

    I have decided to purchase a new set of exhausts for my 2012 Vara. My original choice was Akraprovic but unfortunately my few years of ummmiiiinnng and aaahhhiinnnggg means I can't get them now due to the main importer not having any left and not able to get them. The question I put to you...
  6. An XR650L I built.

    I've bought a few of these now and have been bringing them back to 'better than new' standard. They're such a rare bike here and such a bloody fantastic bike too. Why we never got them here is a mystery. They're still produced and sell well in USA, Aus and South Africa. Unchanged since 1993...
  7. Top Box Movement

    Hi As you can see, my TA has Honda luggage but my missus complains the top box is too far forward so I wondered if there was a kit to move it back ? I had a look today but there is no easy way to shift it to give her more room (no she aint a lard arse!) so wondered if there was an easy way ?
  8. Crash Bars: Touratech or Rugged Roads

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I need to get new crash bars and have to decide between Touratech and Rugged Roads. The Touratech's have proven to protect the bike very well. The one's from Rugged Roads look great but I'm not sure whether I like the additional width due to the side bars. Also, I already fitted a...
  9. Back to work blues

    Well I'm on my last day off before the next years worth of grind starts. Been an eventful year 2014. Changed employers, other personal stuff that's gone on and these bouts of sickness I just can't seem to shake off. I'm hoping 2015 will be a good year, but the back to work blues have hit hard.
  10. Wanted: Wanted: RD07A 'Bottom Link Fork'

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folks I'm after a useable standard Honda rear shock bottom suspension 'Relay Link Fork' for my 1998 RD07A. If anyone can help that will be appreciated. I can pay by personal cheque in £Sterling or €Euro. I'm based in Cork but receive post in Belfast too or, collect anywhere in between...
  11. Crankshaft for Honda Forza 250 !!!

    Hello everybody, i need to buy a crankshaft for Honda Forza 250;2005 year;model:NSS250X ! If anybody sale this part please,write me on personal message here ! Thank you !
  12. Honda's hidden messages

    i just found out a couple of days ago while looking into Cbr 600's. (again!) i have owned three in the past but i have never heard of honda's message stamped inside the front nose fairing dedicated to two "developers" killed while testing and photographing the cbr F4. does anyone else know of...
  13. Kent Motorcycles Ltd.

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Recently purchased a bike from these guys and I am very impressed with their services. Walked into their shop the very first time an I was welcomed with a smile, a tea and a bacon roll......! Dealing with Hadrian, Dave and the rest of the team was easy and very straight forward. In my personal...
  14. Importing a bike from Germany

    Hi everyone , i have spoke to DVLA regarding importing a bike from Germany and they advised speaking to customs also .I am now posting as i would be greatfull to hear from anyone on the forum who has done this as personal experience is in my opinion invaluable . Ideally i would purchase and...
  15. Seventh Welsh Invasion Saturday Rides

    Welsh Invasion
    Apparently two of our number have a personal challenge on to go swimming in the sea on Saturday!!! So Saturdays ride out will be to see these two idiots carry out their challenge. It's a nice ride up to Whitesands bay near St Davids. If anyone has a problem with this let me know. Weather...
  16. It had to come.....the one wheeled motorcycle!!

    One wheel and a whole lot of fun - The incredible one-wheeled motorcycle - MSN Innovation UK
  17. Computer Help Please.....

    Two questions really.:confused: 1: My old Dell dimension 5150 XP machine has about had it and will be replaced by a Laptop says the household. It won't be being carried around much so doesn't need to be that portable... Large laptop or all in one? Advice please. 2: For my own personal use I's...
  18. Shropshire, Mid and S Wales run

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Shropshire, Mid/ S Wales run I am needing a day away from the joys of homelife and I've kind of worked out what looks like an interesting run out* from home, down the Marches, into mid Wales, down to the Valleys and then back up via Brecon and mid Wales then home. 6-7 hours probably... Not...
  19. First personalised plate J7XRV : )

    Decided to buy myself a personal plate. First off got one for the car JC04TSZ (J Coates) Then whilst I was on the DVLA site I absent mindedly typed in "XRV" and ended up buying J7XRV Just been paid out on an endowment. It was supposed to make enough to buy me a Ducati (I was impressionable at...
  20. Fantasy Road Race 2013

    Competitions / Trials
    It's back for 2013, MCN Fantasy Road Race. Free to enter here MCN Fantasy Road Race 2013 Chance to win a Honda CB500R Once you have registered you can enter our personal league by clicking the enter private league button and typing as the league name the pin for that league...