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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a fuel tap / pet cock for an RD07A for sale? Thanks John
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello, I'm looking for a pet cock of an Africa Twin tank RD04! I'm rebuilding a Transalp and use an Africa Twin tank on it. So please, if anyone here as a spare let me know!! Thanks!! Bossit!! :-)
  3. Varadero
    Time to change the air the tank has to come off. Does the tank need to be completely drained of fuel? Should it be syphoned? Or can it be drained from the pet cock? OR, can some fuel stay in the tank or will it leak out when I remove the lines?
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Forum Members: Hello. If you have a set of fuel level sensors or pet cocks collecting dust, please contact me. I need the components for an XRV750. I am unsure if the XRV650 shares the same components. Thanks in advance! David
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, if any one has for sale a : Bagster - tank cover - i'm after black one. For varadero xl1000 fi model. Pm me if so. Thanks Pete
  6. Chatter
    Could you do us a favour and have a look around if the Primus Borealis rally still exists? Only stuff i can find is rather old or i cant read it Cheers Pete
  7. Chatter
    When we went to the Elefant rally a few years back our cameras run out of juice very quick. Does anyone know how to prolong batterie life in cold conditions? Cheers Pete
  8. Chatter
    All is forgiven. WTF is going on with the closing ceremony? I see Barry from Auf wiedersehen Pet. But not much else... Ahh Madness that's better. Something current.
  9. Chatter
    One of mine is when they play "Born to be Wild" when cars are on TV (a.k.a. car drivers hijacking the biker anthem)! I mean, not only do us bikers have to put up with these four wheeled morons knocking us off our machines whenever they get the chance, but we also have to put up with them nickin'...
1-9 of 9 Results