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  1. How to make Afrika Twin tank + fuel sensors work on Transalp with Koso speedo?

    Africa Twin
    Hello fellas. As some of you may know I'm working on a Transalp rebuild with a AT RD04 tank mod. Dealing with fuel used to be a straightforward thing but not anymore. The AT comes with two big wonderful holes for fuel sensors (don't have 'em yet). Is it possible to make these sensors work on...
  2. Africa Twin tank on Transalp: Petcocks and Fuel Pump?

    Africa Twin
    Good day all you lucky Africa Twin riders. I'm currently doing a rebuild project on my Transalp and one of the mods is of course a rd04 tank. A tank from Greece should be arriving soon but in the meantime I've completely forgot about the petcocks and the fuel sensor. Was completely unfazed by...
  3. Rd04 fuel taps

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, Both my taps on the Xrv don't shut off ! So rather than buy expensive replacements or repair kits I thought about getting and fitting in some other in line shut off taps. Firstly what diameter are the fuel pipes from the petcocks and does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts ...
  4. Petcock Questions

    Africa Twin
    I did some searching, but didn't come up with much. I have an RD04 tank and bodywork on my Transalp. I took the petcocks off to repaint, and now I've got some fuel leaking after reassembling it. Here are my questions: 1) Are there rebuild kits available for the petcocks? I assume the...
  5. RD 03 fuel tap/pipe

    Africa Twin
    Don't know how these forums work particularly so am risking a "New thread"? Had/have an issue with the @ misfiring popping and now running like a 350. Stripped her down to "getattable" status and have discovered horrible gummy brown mess around left fuel tap. also discovered a section of fuel...
  6. Quick question

    Africa Twin
    I have a quick question for you all. When I turn the ignition on my RD-03 you can hear a buzzing/clicking noise from the top end. It will only last a few seconds and then stop, and I've found out it has to do with how long the bike has been sitting. The longer it sits, the longer it buzzes. I've...
  7. RD04 fuel tank questions

    Africa Twin
    Hello Folks, I posted this on the TA side, but only got one reply... I thought it might be best to post it here. I mean, it's a damn @ tank and all :cheers: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Yen (very wise), do you have a photo of that Africa Queens fuel pump...