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  1. Newbi

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys! New to the site, haven't posted and introduced my self yet. Im Pete! Iv'e currently got a XRV650 and looking to improve the suspension sometime soon. Be sure to throw some ideas at me ;) Pete
  2. Wanted: Varadero tank cover bagster black

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, if any one has for sale a : Bagster - tank cover - i'm after black one. For varadero xl1000 fi model. Pm me if so. Thanks Pete
  3. Anyone recognize the countryside in this video?

    Besides the great countryside it's one of my favs from Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend on the album Rough Mix. That's Eric Clapton by the way on the dobro. :) RIP Ronnie Lane who passed away in '97. So...where is this? It looks like a nice area to ride. Hopefully it has not changed much...
  4. Vaders arch enemy

    Saw this & thought of Pete ! Little blighters are getting everywhere.
  5. Pete's new fridge

    You've got to get one of these :D
  6. Big thanks Siregonealot

    Many thanks Pete. My seat is approaching the point of needing rebuilding, forum member has loaned me a seat off his bike to use while I get mine sorted. Nice one Sir. And so many people say internet forums are a waste of time.
  7. Calling Kjell

    Could you do us a favour and have a look around if the Primus Borealis rally still exists? Only stuff i can find is rather old or i cant read it Cheers Pete
  8. Pete, ever wanted an HPN?

    Here's a HPN replica for sale near your old haunt in ze Fatherland, bargain, only 120 euro. :mrgreen: R100GS PD in Bodenheim | eBay
  9. Well, then

    New 'kettle' GSA. Apparently it can take 5 kg more weight on the back compared to the old 1200 GSA. Should be good for Pete. :mrgreen:
  10. Dutch army arctic sleeping bags?

    Anyone ever used one or knows someone which has?I know they are big in pack size but that is not a worry as i am going solo. Just wondered if anyone has used them in earnest as in proper cold? Cheers Pete
  11. Cameras,batteries and real cold weather???

    When we went to the Elefant rally a few years back our cameras run out of juice very quick. Does anyone know how to prolong batterie life in cold conditions? Cheers Pete
  12. Paging Lord Vader

    Hey Pete, look what my zumo can do. :-)
  13. For Sale: Transalp 600v for sale on E-Bay (TTB5 Pete)

    eBay - Transalp
    Hi All TTB5 Pete has is old Transalp for sale on E-Bay Cracking bike. So Take A look Item No:111089763131 Start Price £750
  14. Vader's Birthday !!

    Hey Pete Happy Birthday Have a great one - hope you're not working
  15. 21/12/201 Enf do the world!!!!

    Personally I don't think anything will happen, BUT if it does all go Pete Tong I would just like to say it's been a pleasure knowing you all:grin::grin::grin: bloody Mayans...... Title should of course read end of the world !! Fingers not working today!!!
  16. Day out in Brighton

    Pete and i are going to Brighton Friday evening and will be going home Saturday afternoon, if any one fancies meeting up for coffee please let us know. Debs
  17. Happy Birthday Vader...

    Have a good one pete... Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  18. honda xl 600 lmf

    can anyone tell me what the lmf and lm means on these honda models cheers pete :)
  19. Iain and Pete landed !

    The Longest Day
    Well - took the long way back from Fishguard up the Welsh coast with Pete and overnighted at Bens Bunkhouse (Bens Bunkhouse) in Llanberis. Rob who owns the place kindly donated the cash for our stay to TLD :thumbright: so more cash in the pot. Nice view last night as well up Llanberis Pass -...
  20. Lord Vader one for your English