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  1. Transalp tank on my Rd04.

    Africa Twin
    I know a few have members have done this conversion, my question is do I have to have a petrol pump ?
  2. MIL Light Come on

    Hi Chaps, XL700VA, 2008 with 20K miles on the clock. Riding along a few weeks a go, on full throttle the engine cuts. Roll the throttle back off and it picks up again. Every time I open the throttle the engine dies, but picks up again when I roll it off. Bike is un rideable. No MIL . Turn it...
  3. Hi from new member

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Decided it was time to join the forum, I've owned a '86 XL 600R that due to being laid up for a few years I've started to recommission, but as it was (and is) still off the road when the summer started I brought a '96 NX 650 Dommie that was ready to ride. Problem is I'm spending all my spare...
  4. Leaking fuel VA5

    Help please! Bike immaculate,, tank gets damaged but worked fine, full fill ups etc. Tank gets repaired, cracking job. Bike given back with fuel light on???? Got home, decided to go to garage to fill up--- bike cuts out. Put 3 gallons in, still would not start--no smell of petrol. Dropped...
  5. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07 for sale in Manchester, UK

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    My brother is selling his Africa Twin RD07 1998 which has done 54,888 kms or 34,300 miles. He bought it off a mate in France so has kilometre clocks but it has been reregistered in the UK. It has been very well maintained and has things like the head bearings and swing arm bearings stripped...
  6. XL600V Starting Up/Fuelling Question

    Hi folks, Long time no speak (this is on my part btw). Last year I ended up with an M reg Transalp 600 (I still have the RD07). It rode OK, a bit like a pig with the stock suspension etc... but nice enough :) Anyway then I was away with work etc etc life... the bike sat a while. So mid October...
  7. Lost key

    hello, My friend and neighbor only had one key for his xl125v 2002 and has lost it,he has searched everywhere but no luck,he has a very active toddler who may have chucked it,anyway can anyone tell me where the key number is located on this model,would it be on the inside of the petrol cap?under...
  8. Honda CB750A Hondamatic-an adventure bike-perhaps

    Other Honda
    I have got the CB750A sorted and have done a few miles on it now the weather has improved. Its different, obviously with the 2 speed and torque converter transmission, most definitely not a racer, but they are used for drag racing in US slightly, VERY modified! Great for bumbling along the...
  9. VTR tank on a Varadero?

    As the title suggests, I am toying with the idea of altering my Varadero by fitting a different petrol tank from a VTR, has anyone done this or used a tank from a different bike? If so how difficult and what was required? All replies welcome:thumbup:
  10. Has anyone tried one of these "programmable" CDI units?

    Transalp Digital CDI for Honda Transalp XL600V (PD06) and XRV650 Africa Twin (RD03) From €134.90 * * All prices incl. value added tax, excl. shipping costs Type: Information regarding the available types see below...
  11. 2000 AT tank on a transalp?

    Hi Im building a bike from my 2000 AT and a 600v Transalp frame and wanted to know if anyone has managed to fit the petrol tank from an RDO7a onto a transalp. I think the frame on the transalp is wider so the tank sits higher?? Cheers Cam
  12. New member saying Hi and advice please

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone. Didn't realise this forum existed until I had problems and searched online. Also didn't realise that Dominators are getting rarer. I'm 59 years young and been riding since '78. I've owned a '96 Dommie since '99, though have hardly used it over the last 3 years - less than 100 miles...
  13. 700 engine stall.

    I took my 2008 700 Alp out today for a 30--40 miles run seeing as the sun was shining, at last. After a not too hard a thrashing whilst heading home I rode through the local town. Whilst amongst the slow traffic I thought it sounded a bit lumpy once or twice. A quick blip of the throttle seemed...
  14. Ethanol (and the Arm-chair-biker) !

    From Ethanol in petrol. The what 'Classic' riding motorcyclists need to know. Share & Enjoy !
  15. For Sale: Assorted spares for Africa Twin rd07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have collected these over a number of years but need space in my shed they are in 4 plastic boxes. There may be more in boxes so just ask. I will list and if you need more info or an offer price send me a pm all parts in good order....Anything in red is sold. would take a price for the lot...
  16. On the road please help

    Africa Twin
    Hi before holiday in Italy I play with air/fuel screw as I thought it's running to lean and overheat to much. Unscrew half turn more. During ride when trying to drive more then 65 miles engine start losing power (the jumping feelin, like no petrol)) I changed setting back what had before (more...
  17. HISS light does not enter registration mode

    Hi I have a Transalp 650 2003 model, am trying to programme a spare key - cannot get the ECU into registration mode. I have followed advice on the forums and made a lead with a 100ohm resistor in the positive lead. Found the CKP sensor joins the loom under the petrol tank near the thermostat...
  18. Fuel in oil AT

    Africa Twin
    Hello everybody. I'm new at the forum, although I've been searching and finding answers from here before. Great site! So, my problem is as follows: I've been having problems with starting my AT for couple of days now.The exhaust banged a lot when on engine brake. First I was thinking that the...
  19. Scrambler test ride..

    I have just had my first test ride on my Dommie since I fitted the Keihin FCR41mm flatside carb and the modified footrests that my son got welded up for me.:D:D:D My first thoughts were "holy crap" and WTF as the bike shot off like a scolded cat....:D:D:D If any of you Dommie riders have not...
  20. Fuel tap

    Africa Twin
    When putting my bike back together I found the fuel tap is leaking when in the off position, I had lost my patience in the excitement of hoping it was going to start, to open up the tap and see what was wrong. So anyway the bike fired up as normal :p but it looks like I have a sticking float...