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  2. Putting phot'os on this forum

    Can someone explain to me how to put photo's up on this forum as i have never been able to do it, it must be reasonably easy as lots of people have done. i would like to know how to attach a photo to a thread and where i go to put photos in the members area. many thanks
  3. edited photo

    XRV site support & help
    I loaded a pic of Mark's bike that had his number plate showing. I've smudged the photo and reloaded it. It is in the ride out folder under working bee. If you look in the folder, the image has the number plate smudged and unreadable. That page is here...
  4. picture gallery

    XRV site support & help
    Sorry to be a computer chimp, but despite installing that registry doofer for uploading pictures from xp to the web I can't get any phot's in to my gallery. I can't see the link 'publish items to web' - should it appear on my web browser or on my explorer window? I'm sure I'm doing something...