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  1. Africa Twin
    Has anyone fitted UNI filters? I picked up one off ebay which fits straight onto the carb anyone know if it will work?
  2. Africa Twin
    picked up my new steed today and need some advice regarding a topbox. I will be using the bike to commute 70 miles each day, so will want my stuff off my back. There is an aftermarket rear mudguard and plate on the bike but the bar will impeed having a topbox and the plate bends up at the end...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Just picked up a FMX 650 that’s had a replacement engine. It came with the old engine that’s got a shagged piston but apart from that it’s in good shape. I’m looking to buy a new piston and rebuild the old engine. My question is can I use the same diameter 100mm piston from the XR650L...
  4. Transalp
    Without wanting to open myself up to scorn can anyone please tell me what this is? I think it's an automatic chain oiler but as my St1100 is a shaft drive I've never seen one? I have just picked up a 650V4 Transalp and is on the chain side of the bike but it looks empty- I don't even know where...
  5. XL
    Hi everyone, just picked up a new bike and I am beginning the tear down process. I am having a difficult time finding a good free version of the service manual. Sorry I am cheap but need the cash to get bike running thank you for the help
  6. Africa Twin
    I had passed on a few bikes and finally came acroos this 97 AT. It will do for now while I look for my RD04. I have an RD03 back in the states already so figured the rd04 will be good to have also. In the meantime 8 months w/o a bike and just a scooter was enough
  7. Africa Twin
    So I picked up my new to me RD07 a week ago in Ireland. I'm in Italy now, after about 1,000 miles, and the speedometer has stopped working. It was a bit "bouncy" before, but then about 1 hour after I spray washed the bike, the speedo stopped all together. I checked the cable on both ends and it...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Help! This is getting out of control. Just picked up an '03 Vigor in Yellow to add to the fleet. I really need to stop now - but I love them so much:iconbiggrin:
  9. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, After 24 years finally achieved my bucket list motorcycle. It has and always been to own an Africa Twin. So, I finally picked one up albeit not the exact one I wanted but... I've got one finally. The "dealer" said it was a 2000. I was highly skeptical, especially when I pulled...
  10. Africa Twin
    just picked these up tonight for my 'AT' , touratech panniers and rack, happy bunny :D
  11. XL
    i have picked up a 400r which has a slight oil leak from the rocker cover. i cant seem to find a gasket. does anyone know if a 500 gasket will be the same
  12. XL
    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an 89 xl 600 rmg I think? It's originally from Germany and I'm going to sort the UK registration. It has an XR 600? Dual carb fitted apparently? It looks similar. Is there any advantage to this,? The seller said it improved power. I have the original carb in a...
  13. Africa Twin
    I have just picked up a new chain and sprocket kit for my 1992 RD04 Then discovered that I need a new tab washer, the splines on it are terminally shagged. I orderd one at the same time from M+P who waited five days before telling e that it is not listed as a part. Very helpful as I am spending...
  14. Transalp
    After a bit of a stressful few days we finally made it to Gavarnie. 5th gear on the motorhome gave up the ghost. Here's a couple o piccys. Dont blame me for the colour of the harness as it was picked out by the good lady Bill. Nick. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  15. Varadero
    Hello everyone , the names chris and I've just picked it up today and traded in my old zzr1100 for it , loving the 'old man ' riding position and I can see it staying with me for a long time , had a quick scan through some posts for info already and I'm sure I will be pestering soon about...
  16. Transalp
    Wondering if anybody knows if all the side cowls for the 600 Transalps are the same. I picked up a 89 US model and need side cowls but there don't seem to be many here in the states but there are several available elsewhere. Not worried about color just need them to fit. Thanks
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I just picked up a very inexpensive rear rim (gold DID) off Ebay and I'm looking for a front to match. My current rims are pitted bad and I just got tired if trying to polish them..... call me lazy. If anyone knows a source for the Stock DID gold rim I would really appreciate it...
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    not been on here here for a while but just picked up another little project, a 1990 xr100 and im looking for a few bits for it, mainly rear panels and front brake hub but anything considered. regards, Dave
  19. Transalp
    I've not picked up the Transalp yet so can't do the obvious test but what is the petrol tank made of? Steel, Aluminium? I have an Oxford tank bag which is held on with magnets so wondering if it will still be of any use :) Nige
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an lmf as a restoration project. The rear wheel is shot, does anyone have a decent one or a suggestion as go what I could fit as an alternative please? It's currently got gold wheels. Thanks Mud
1-20 of 79 Results