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  1. 2002 xl230

    Afternoon all. Does anyone know where I can get a handbook or workshop manual for my new bike I am picking up on Tues? Thanks
  2. Got a red one!

    Dominator / FMX
    Picking up my new ride at the weekend, a red FX650. I've had many of these but never seen red one before. That's five Vigors now, two blue, two yellow and red one. Should see me out.....
  3. Picking up a new toy on Sunday a CRF250L with lots of extras.....

    CRF - New Forum!
    Done a deal on this and picking her up on Sunday a 2013 CRF250L with excel motard rims on talon hubs, FMF exhaust and bomb header pipe and lots of other nice extras including the original wheels and tyres.
  4. 140/80 on XL650V?

    I'm really like the look of the Heindau K60 tires but everywhere I look it says the 130/80 rears get rubbish mileage so I was thinking about a 140/80 rear. Has anyone out there used a K60 140/80 rear on a 650 before? I know tires sizes can vary from manufactuer to manufacturer so looking...
  5. New York, New York - Hotels?

    We will be flying into New York on Saturday 3rd May and picking our bike up on Monday 5th May so looking for recommendations for somewhere to stay in or very near to New York for two nights. Must be reasonably convenient (bus, Train or Taxi) for JFK Airport and not outrageously expensive...
  6. GTR1400

    Does anyone on here have any experience of the Kawasaki GTR1400, I'm thinking 2008/9 and onwards? Handling, performance, maintenance, running costs, picking the giant whale up off the floor, re-sale value etc?
  7. Newbie advice on fmx 650

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I'm picking up a 2007 fmx 650 next week and looking for advice with any free mods that can be done and also What to look out for as in any faults with them The bike is replacing my drz 400 and will be used over winter and used to commute to work so not bothered about power as my...
  8. engine/ plastic,s bars ?

    picking up 700 next weekend need some engine/ plastic bars any help would be great thanks richie
  9. 700 trasnalp tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    just payed for a second hand 700 picking up next weekend, what tyres do you lot recommend, will be rideing the back roads off wales , not much m4:mad:
  10. Picking up an At

    Alright, I found out yesterday how heavy an @ is to pick up after laying it down because I tried to pull away in the dark with the disk lock on!!! What is the technique for picking one up off the floor?, I am no light weight but I needed help.:mad:
  11. Wanted: AT fuel cap seal

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Shortly after picking up my Africa Twin RD07a, I noticed the fuel cap wasn't sitting right. On inspection noticed the rubber seal was missing. Does anyone know the size of the rubber seal or where I can get a replacement? I've tried David Silver. I don't really want to change the whole fuel...
  12. Power Pickup for Acewell Speedo

    I am just about to buy an Acewell speedo for my XR400. Just wondering if anyone else has done the same and where they are picking up the power feed from? As there is no battery on the XR the power is coming straight from the regulator so I am guessing is not a very 'smooth' feed. I know when...
  13. New bike in the Beddows Stable

    Its been on the cards for a while now but I had the pleasure in picking up Ffions Baby Vara last night. Some snaps and vids over on ABR My Baby Vara Great bike for Ffi to learn on.
  14. africa twin cylinders.... hmmm

    i'm picking up a 2006 xl650v transalp for my friend this week. Nothing concrete yet.... BUT, he's seen my 1998 xrv750 rd07a africa twin spare engine on my bench, & was asking if the cylinders & heads would go on current engine. Any thoughts anyone?
  15. Hi every one.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Every one, just saying a quick hello to all you honda riders;) I've just bought a 2002 Transalp, 12,000 miles appears to be in decent nick with full service history. I look forward to picking your brains in the future. All the best, Xl Les.
  16. Painkillers

    Do they just numb the pain or help speed up recovery. I hurt my shoulder on Christmas eve picking up the bike and a few weeks on it's getting better but it still twinges a pit at night or when I reach out to the side. As it's not sore (unless I move it the wrong way) I haven't been taking any...
  17. Guess who I bumped into at Fowlers this morning?

    A certain Dave S picking up his new toy......Over to you Dave........
  18. Soho's Quad

    Picking up my new Quad "450 Apache Sport" on Wednesday. :D Can't get it on my E-bikes multi bike policy as they don't do Quads. :( Anyone here got decent quad bike insurance/advice ? :) Thaaankyou velly march. :thumbup:
  19. Budget Nx 650 Dominator adventure bike build

    Dominator / FMX
    I've been tinkering away over the winter and picking peoples brains on threads like this . And now that its back on the road I've made a build thread over here Budget Nx 650 Dominator adventure bike build - ADVrider
  20. having broken my trailer picking up an @

    Mechanical Advice
    i bought this all singing all dancing trailer for £300 no ramps needed here air suspension goodness how low can ya go bloody things amazing empty set suspension to 20psi and you get no rattles knocks it just glides along loaded up to 750kg set suspension to 55psi same storie you dont even...