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  1. Africa Twin
    hi all my rdo4 has been changed over to uk speedo clocks . meaning i have no fuel lights i have found two bulbs behind clocks and have the old clocks see picks are these bulbs likely to be for fuel lights new clocks have no where for bulbs any suggestions for a set up for this thanks in...
  2. Transalp
    I found some picks of a larger aluminum toolbox the other day now thinking of making one but can't remeber were i saw the picks anyone on here seen anything like that ?
  3. Africa Twin
    ok, just had to go back and push harder, and get more picks to cheer everyone up!:D these where all taken about 10kms from my house..... twins might fly..... and fly...... and land! live to ride another day then we decided to do another slipface (the steep side of a dune). this one was 120m...
  4. Africa Twin
    went up to my camp this weekend for my first proper trip since rebuilding. must report the mitas E09's really made the hard gravel roads feel much more secure. amazing how much play develop in steering head after bearing replacement. after 300kms it was totally loose, and i had to turn the...
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    If we’re all sitting comfortably…time for an update on the unlikely (but continuing) adventures of Lulu and Nessie. Given that the sun appeared to be shining in Leicestershire this morning and it being a Saturday (an all-too-rare combination of circumstances), Nessie was promised a ride out...
1-5 of 5 Results