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  1. Africa Twin
    The digital trip on my 2003 07A has started to play games. The Clock works ok and the speedometer is fine. The digital trips work ok upto about 35 mph, then stops recording. When the speed drops it starts working again. I have checked all the plugs and sockets and opened up the trip meter and...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD thanks for looking Fehling crash bars in new condition all fittings included price £100 plus pp or pickup preferred but will help if I can. Cost new around £170 near Blackburn for collection
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    This is my Givi topbox, black. Not sure of size though. It came with my latest bike. It is a Monokey system.[ATTACH=CONFIG]126209[/ATTACH Excellent condition apart from what I have shown in the photo. Would prefer pickup as postage can be expensive. I am looking for £65 for it. Any questions...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    I've now had my first short ride on the SLR and enjoyed it very much. It's so much lighter, narrower and more chuckable than the Strom. However, having EFI on my last 2 bikes has spoiled me a little. The SLR has a stumble just coming off idle which is a bit annoying. It feels as though it's a...
  5. Africa Twin
    Has anyone ever tried to fit a digital speedo with a magnetic pickup inside the stock speedo housing? This could be a solution for keeping a stock look, but not dealing with that nylon gear packing up all the time. Also, it would allow for easily switching between MPH and KPH. Talk me out...
  6. CRF - New Forum!
    Hi All Just pickup my new CRF250L yesterday! A bit of shock when it comes to the brakes coming from a ABS Transalp 700 but guess they are still beding in. Got a big box of mods to put on it now.
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, although I've still to find the problem with the running (Thinking pickup now) I'm thinking of converting to kicker and forgetting the leccy-leg. Has anyone done it and if so what bits are needed? Cheers!:thumbup:
  8. Chatter
    Found some exhaust that is only local pickup in Bexleayheath..anyone around there that can collect and post to me? Much abliged... Skickat från min GT-I9506 via Tapatalk
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale right hand side panel in excellent condition £45 posted or £40 pickup all lugs in place if your decal is scratched etc maybe a good buy for somebody postage is for uk Was going to use as a spare but not needed now<br><br><img...
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Hood jeans para-aramid for sale with kevlar lining waist 40" I am a 31inside leg and they are fine they are a generous fit and in excellent conditiion no rips etc have just bought some goretex textile pants so need to fund them. Price say £45 posted or pickup from house £40 Burnley Lancs
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have for sale a Olympus E420 with 2 lenses a 14mm-42mm and a 40mm-150mm as you can see a great range plus 2 gig compact flash card and a dedicated Metz flash gun its a great piece of kit and small for a dslr, price its for sale on ebay is £195 to you lads £175 plus post and...
  12. Dominator / FMX
    I just bought this 'new' Dommie, it has only done 45,000 km on sealed roads so is in min condition. My project Dommie ended up being too much of a project and I desperately needed a bike for the summer so I will probably keep this one stock for rides really nice :mrgreen: There are...
  13. XR
    I am just about to buy an Acewell speedo for my XR400. Just wondering if anyone else has done the same and where they are picking up the power feed from? As there is no battery on the XR the power is coming straight from the regulator so I am guessing is not a very 'smooth' feed. I know when...
  14. Insurance
    last year I paid £320 fully comp.... this year with yet another years no claims which takes me up to 9+ years no claims I had my renewal through...... yep £716...... I'm just thinking about screwing the insurers of the guy who knocked me of my bike for my "personal injuries" just so I can...
  15. Varadero
    Well, its done... hopefully soon I will see why owners rave about the baby Vara as I am due to pick one up on Saturday :) 58 plate, very low mileage, £2500, didnt look a bad price compared to other tired ones I had seen, so, no doubt now all the daft questions will begin after I pick it up :D
  16. XL
    Hi all I'm trying to find an ignition pickup coil (pulser coil) for a 1984 XL600RMG does anyone here know if the coil off any other models fit and where i can get one from. Cheers Lee
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    We are selling our pickup because we haven't enough room for pickup & 2 cars and it isn't being used. All details on ebay: We comfortably fitted my @ and Nick's Buell in the butt. The previous...
  18. Chatter
    After several months as a wannabe @-rider, it is now only 4 days and 20 hrs until my new bike and I are going to meet eachother for the first time. 8) 8) 8) . 99 model, fast black, 6k on the clock. She is patiently waiting for me in a small German town.... :toothy7: :toothy7: My garage...
1-18 of 20 Results