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  1. Chatter
    Last week, I was in the Picos. Don't get too jealous, though - i was in the car. Nevertheless, some superb roads and scenery. And while in Potes, I saw this Dominator. We travelled on the Plymouth - Santander ferry .... it's a 20ish hour journey but comfortable, and judging by the...
  2. Varadero
    Whilst outside of the main entrance to our hotel in the Picos the week before last I parked the bike on the main stand and proceeded to remove some luggage from the top box. Upon doing this the rear end lifted as you would expect but what I didn't expect was for the bike to continue forward and...
  3. Africa Twin
    Just off for a spin round the picos & pyrenees mountains on my Africa Twin. Not real news I know, but feel the need to gloat a bit! Dont work too hard folks! Back in a week Paul
  4. Travel
    Hi guys and girls. Slight change of plan, booked the ferry to Santander in October hoping for warmer weather than The Alps. Has anyone got a good recommendation for a hotel or B&B? We know one in the picos but any others would be greatfully received. Thankyou!!
  5. Travel
    I am taking the Ferry Tuesday late afternoon (17:15) to Santander, spending 6 nights in the Picos mountains returning Bilboa to Portsmouth, renting a little house in Peruyes, never done the Picos before but looked at lots of route and roads, weather not looking too bad, cloud showers and sun.
  6. Chatter
    Wifey and I are off to the Picos in a couple of weeks. Catch the ferry for Santander on the 21st. How awful. We are looking at not travelling massive mileages, her idea not mine, and just relaxing and pottering about. I would like to visit Ribadesella along the coast, passed through there years...
  7. Chatter
    What are the legal requrements for biking i Spain? Wifey and I are off to the Picos on June 23rd, and I am not sure of legal nonsense, eg Hi Viz atc atc. Cheers. Chunko'.
  8. Africa Twin
    Wifey and I are off to The Picos in June, gentle touring and camping, no offroad heroics. Thinking of getting a tank bag to keep some of the load off the rear rack, as she struggles with high jumps. I used the Oxford throw over panniers on my old bikes for years and thought they were a good buy...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi there @ owners. I'm planning a trip to the Picos De Europas for mid June. Just a couple of days riding there from the Plymouth to Santander ferry. I'm going with my brother in law, he'll be on his Yamaha XTZ 660. The ferry and cabin are all booked. Are there any riders out there who have...
  10. Travel
    Looking for some advice please. I'm thinking of a trip to Spain, two-up. We'd get the ferry from Plymouth/Portsmouth across to Santander/Bilbao. The idea is that the passenger can then rent a small bike for themselves once we get off the ferry. Then we head up to the Picos mountains on 2...
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Links to my TR on the v-strom forum.,7815.0.html Incidentally I did a similar trip solo on my TA 2 years ago, but spent a lot more time in the Picos. /td
  12. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    After having to pull out of a long anticipated trip down to Barcelona last year with a problem with my arm that kept me off the bike most of the year, I am now wondering about going later this year, after Harvest, so early September..ish. No Barca trip though, as big Sis is back in the UK now :(...
  13. Travel
    off to picos this weekend any tips where to visit anything appreciated:thumbright:
  14. Great Roads/Routes
    Hi, Have booked the ferry (Oct) and planning a quick tour of the picos returning up through France and would welcome any suggestions for descent roads/tracks around picos mountians or advice of what to look for on the map when identifying legal (tracks) routes around Picos. regards Mike
  15. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Guys here are (just some of the picts form my spain trip.. text will follow later) here we are all loaded are ready to go The morning of the Ferry in plymouth the port of Santandar WE 'RE IN SPAIN!!!! first night camping Life i s hard with roads like these...
  16. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Few more photos to wet your appetite Every biker should go there at least once in their life!! :D
  17. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got back from the Picos and I've got to say what a place! :D No straight roads, awesome scenery and great weather ( we were lucky ) Came back with no " chicken strips" so well chuffed. A few photos First sight of what to expect In no partcular order Check out the road we'd...
  18. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello.. there is a small place in North of Spain, just about 600kms from where I live, called Picos de Europa.. A big mountain with excellent views and great roads to ride on your bike... Here's some pics.. Well worth the ride..
  19. Chatter
    Has anyone here done any riding in this part of the world or could point me to a source of trail maps for the area? While I have grave doubts of my ever actually getting there, it has been a long held ambition to ride in this area and with the purchase of the Transalp, I start...
1-19 of 20 Results