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  1. eBay - Varadero
    Company Name Esellibuy Price: Canadian dollar Email [email protected] Website We are located in Canada
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am in the middle of deciding whether to replace an output shaft on the AT, XRV750 - 2002. Can anyone give me a list of the parts I need to order, gaskets etc to do this job? - gonna use the VT750 shaft. Also is there anything else worth doing whilst I have the engine in pieces?
  3. Africa Twin
    Im getting a wheel respoked for my @ and want to use the best rim tape so I have looked on ebay and it looks very thin. I have some used pieces of rubber membrane I used to waterproof a roof and it was way more expensive than I thought and very good quality. Will this be better to use than £1.99...
  4. Africa Twin
    I have been searching for original hanguards but refuse to pay 80 quid plus delivery for two pieces of moulded plastic. Came across actually got them for 1.80 euro, Ill feedback when they arrive
  5. Africa Twin
    I was lucky enough to source a slightly used Boano tank. The fasteners that were on the tank do not have the smaller "inner" piece that accepts the twist stud. Can anyone tell me if the Boano kit comes with these or does one drill out the riveted pieces on the OEM tank and use? Yjx
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Thought I'd pop over and say Hi. I got a dommie that was in pieces just over a week ago and have stuck it back together :happy6: I'll do a build report at some point.
  7. Transalp
    I've just gotten around to unscrewing bits and pieces on the bike to see what's behind the covers etc. It looks as though the previous owner has either kept or lost the toolkit. Have phoned the shop but no joy.Can someone tell me what is in a typical kit? Hopefully won't need to use it but you...
  8. Transalp
    Hi all, I'm trying to buy some spare bits and pieces for a bike I haven't met yet. (meeting up with it in Germany in May). I don't have access to a TA here, can anyone tell me what size the blade fuses are? I think the standard size is referred to as a mini blade fuse. Thanks, Tom.
  9. XL
    hi there I have bought a 1984 rfvc engine md11 with a engine in pieces does anyone know where to get a manual from or have a pdf , to rebuild the engine thanks
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    I have the above mentioned items, bought them but never used. You can have it for free (the postage is on you of course).
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Light dark tinted screen, full of light scrathes, no cracks or missing pieces. Ideal if you apply dark tinted vinyl on it. Can be collected from Northolt.
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Does anyone know what you can and can't still get new in the way of fairings/plastics? Got some small parts including the small pieces each side of the cockpit on the inside of the fairing that I would rather replace than repair if it's possible but thought I'd ask here before I start...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi XRV Athourities, A new Danish XRV Rider is born, and he already found and crossed the line where the Bike is up for more than the Rider :D so I need some bits and pieces - can you help? RD03: Front fender Front wheel Left & right rear plastic fairing Right mirror
  14. Chatter
    Always sleep with the Bedroom Window open, so last night heard the Wind howling. Woke up this morning and it was still blowing a Gale (and still is), and was P****d off to see our fence in pieces :mad:. Still, faired better than our Neighbours :(
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi, My airbox is full of leaves and small dead insects due to the bike standing for a few years. It seems like it can be taken apart in 3 pieces. Can it be disassembled and how do i do it, Definitely don't want to break anything. I want to properly clean it up before assembly. Thanks guys.....
  16. What's it worth?
    I have a few bits n pieces off o couple of transalps. Front wheel hub, rear indicators and rear Honda rack from '98 TA Crash bars removed from a '91 TA (one in great nick, the other with a few scrapes but solid) Headlight/clock mounting frame from '91 TA An original rear shock from a TA...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    Acerbis Headlight good condition red paint is flaking in a couple of places but as the plastic is red underneath its hardly noticable.....£20 plus postage Carb from a 2005 XR125 - £20 plus postage also got the front forks for an XR 125 .....£30 plus postage Wiring Loom for XR125 -...
  18. Transalp
    hi all, well after being made redundent in late Febuary as a hgv driver , bike has been in Garage so thinks about going for a spin to sailsnury and south Wiltshire:cool:. great me thought got the bike out and drove 5mls up road brakes sticking:mad:,drove home dismantled front caliper and the...
  19. Transalp
    Hiya, just joined the forum and looking for a few bits for my old (new to me!) transalp - i definitely need the plastic grill that sits in front of the radiator and joins the two bits of side fairing together. ALso looking for crash bars, luggage racks etc - anybody know a good spot to get...