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  1. XR400 Subframe strengthening

    Remember seeing a posat or response with details of an ADV/Thumpertalk/HUBB thread link that gave details of where to strengthen a XR400 subframe so that pillions and/or luggage can be carried without risk of a frame snap. Any ideas?
  2. So, how much can they carry, then?

    Just fitted pillion pegs to the XR400R, despite the Honda Corp sticker that says "Don't take pillions!!" So how much can the rear sub-frame take in weight? If I'm on it, as rider (79kg) and my other half is too (65 kg odd) and a tent, stove and sleeping bags etc in a couple of sling-over...
  3. Lakes Passes Rideout - Saturday

    Past National Meets
    Lakeland Passes Rideout Saturday 8th leaving the campsite at 9.30 am (hopefully returning by 6.30 pm) It's an early start but it'll be a long day of on-road riding (approx 165 miles) with plenty of stops for leg stretches, cuppa's, grub, photo's, etc. Suitable for pillions with tight buns...
  4. Pillions/passengers

    What do people think, can I have your comments please, I know My wife loves to ride with me (bike) but I know that a few partners don't. I was just wondering if you lot prefer to ride alone or take passengers/wives/partners with you. When I bought my @ I had a choice of that or a blackbird, I...
  5. Hampshire Wiltshire

    Great Roads/Routes
    Guys I am fairly new too the site, I have a XRV750 and a Varadero XL1000, I am looking at organising a run for the Varadero guys early next year Aprilish, around Wiltshire Hampshire. I know you guys have been down on Salisbury Plain looks fantastic, does anyone no any good routes I could use, I...
  6. Honda Top Box

    Africa Twin
    David Silver Spares are selling the oem Africa Twin top box for a reasonable price (compared to Givi, Zega, etc.). Currently I don't have a top box in a bid to try and avoid loading weight high up and that far back. However the extra dry luggage capacity and the comfort of a back pad might help...