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  1. Seats and them being a right pain in mine..

    Africa Twin
    Right, I have a Touratech seat on the @ and am [email protected]@dy annoyed by it. First thing is that it lets water in like no-one's business then it drips it down my leg when I sit on it. It s gotten so bad that I now take the seat off at night and leave it in the house next to the radiator to dry...
  2. Week end in the "sologne"

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    went for a trip out with some mates at the week end, into the Sologne region which is within a huge loop of the Loire south of Blois, east of Orleans. Apologies for the lack of scenery pics, I'm the only one taking photo's & as I wasn't leading we didn't get to stop when I wanted... "Rendez...
  3. Manx Twin to the National

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Where to start – probably with the first attempt at packing the bike at 8pm the night before catching the 7.30am ferry from the island to Liverpool. That wasn’t my best idea ever, especially as I was carrying clothes for a week with family after the weekend too! I loaded the top box with...
  4. Done a Mabel

    Yep, footy last night ended suddenly for me when I twisted my knee. It was tears - not from the pain but when the panic set in that I might not make the National. Lots of ice and sleeping with up on a pillow seem to have helped. It is a stiff as a board but I can walk on it and can bend it...
  5. Packing gas canisters

    Ok I know its common sense but ive a problem. Ive just bought a new stove and have 2 c50 size gas canisters to take with me on my trip. Im packing my panniers at the moment and have rapped them in a couple of towels as a bit of extra protection round them. I can pack them in the top box that...
  6. In the age of global warming.....

    .....can we justifiy using fosil fuelled vehicles purely for pleasure??? DISCUSS! Retreats behind settee, pillow at the ready :shock:
  7. SKY 129

    Just flicking through the channels on sky and the original Halloween is on. The music is really creepy and Mr Mabel has gone to bed. Wheres my pillow to hide beind :shock: :shock: :shock:
  8. MotoGP Phillip Island - Oz

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    fark me what a trip !!! :D :clap: :freaky: I havent been down to the Island for the GP since 97, it never fits in with work, which is a constant source of irritation:cry . A couple of weeks ago I checked my diary and it was clear so I accosted my boss and said I needed 4 days off or I'd die...
  9. F**kin' Hell!!!!

    You wouldn't believe it, but late last night (about 12.30am) I was just starting to doze off whilst watching Blade in bed, when in a half comatose condition I slid my hand up my pillow only for my finger to feel a sharp pain. I quickly drew it back thinking I'd caught a hair in the fabric of the...