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  1. Feeling a little crazy today

    Went out on the bike at 6am yesterday after working a 6 day week. Didnt get home til 8pm and mustve spent at least 8 hours in the saddle, although at relatively slow speeds supporting a charity cycle ride round Aylesbury direction. My head ached after wearing a new helmet for too long, back...
  2. Sleep zzzzzzZZZZZZ !

    As I am having trouble sleeping.. I have been taking "Kalms sleep" little herbal pills.. On closer inspection of the label tonight .. I laughed at the crap instructions It reads " *Kalms Sleep* May make you feel Sleepy, if affected do not drive or operate any tools or machines"...
  3. 1 day after I got my license I traveled europe for 60 days.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Orite, so in december 2008 in I decided to quit my job in Oslo and move back to Sweden and first get my drivers license so I could apply to join the fire service then straight away get my MC license and then go for a biker holiday until the training at the fire fighters academy would begin...
  4. I Hate My Ktm !!!!!!!!!!

    No I don't !! ............I FLOOKIN-WELL LURVE IT. But I knew the title would get you lot opening up this thread :D :D :D I would marry it if it was legal. Sorry to dash your hopes of some juicy anti KTM propaganda , not yet not from me. :thefinger: :thefinger: :thefinger: OOOO I'm...