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    Size LARGE Selling as i dont use it and have another tour x, its in excellent condition with only a slight mark on the back where it was resting on the wall on the shelf. There is a stuck on GO Pro mount which can easily be removed. The Senna intercom does NOT come with it and will be taken...
  2. Helmets
    I've put my Arai Tour X3 into semi retirement after buying a new Tour X4 at the weekend. I haven't worn it in anger yet, it's still in the box. I've got a Yellow pinlock I'm going to fit to it whilst the visor is brand new. Here it is;
  3. Chatter
    My helmet needs a new visor as the 2 that it came with when I bought the helmet are quite marked now. Off I went to the Internet, home of all bargains... Ho bloody Ho. £45...! For a visor!!! And that is without a new Pinlock insert... They must be taking the ****!! Anyone found a good deal...
  4. Chatter
    Looking for a new visor for my shoei xr1100 with a pinlock insert. So anyone know of a decent place? Online or near London Cheers :thumbup:
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    I have this visor for sale if anyone is interested, it's a medium tint CX-1V. As you can see it is still sealed from the factory i don't have any use for it as i have a black visor aswell it has the pins to insert a pinlock but you would have to buy that elsewhere. Full visor details are on the...
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Anyone tested these? Shoei Hornet DS Pinlock anti-fog Insert Yellow (For high contrast vision) £17.99 Hornet Pinlock anti-fog Insert Yellow (For high contrast vision) - Genuine Race Visors, Pinlock, Motorcycle Helmets
  7. Helmets
    I recently bought a new Shoei Hornet helmet and it included a pinlock visor strip in it ready to fit on the helmet. I knew nothing about the Pinlock until I opened the box and looked at the packet. I didn't bother fitting it for a couple of weeks and it started to gather dust at the back of the...
  8. Chatter
    I got back from Exeter last night after 400 really cold miles covered in salt, my black bike was white/grey and so was everything else! I washed the stuff off my helmet, off the visor and I took the Pinlock insert out and washed that (soapy water only), as I tried to dry it the surface bacame...