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  1. Wanted: Enduro bike wanted.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Enduro bike wanted .Not been on the scene for the last 2-3 years but found road riding and a gentle dry track across Salisbury Plain on the Africa Twin a little less exciting. So in need of getting dirty again. Anything considered, been used to Xr 600's and Husky 510's but like i said anything...
  2. Wanted: Tank protector bagster honda africa twin xrv 750 93-03 black

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has any one got a Bagster tank protector for sale, its the plain black one i'm after Thanks Eamonn.
  3. XL500s-Z crank case breather

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi all - I have a US spec '79 XL500s-Z and I want to eliminate the US crankcase breather/collector, does the UK version have a plain pipe from crank case to air inlet rubber? Has anybody any other solution? thanks!!
  4. Baglux Tank Cover

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, A long shot I know, but does anyone have a Baglux Tank Cover they would like to sell? Needs to fit the RD07A and either black & gold or just plain black. Jayne :)
  5. If Honda re-released the transalp 600 now...would you buy one??

    I was thinking about how there just isn't an equivalent to the TA 600 in todays marketplace. It's all either 250cc or 750cc bikes. The 700 translp is just plain ugly. I think the 600 transalp is still the best looking one, a real design classic. If Honda re-released the 600, everything exactly...
  6. Salisbury Plain 9th Jan. Winter blues NOT ?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Took a day out with Paddy from Newbury Motorcycles (die hard @t fan) to try out the new suspension and tyres over on Salisbury Plain. Didn't quite work out as planed, had a slight off in a rather large Puddle much to his ammusement. Only damage my touring screen, thanks to the very effective...
  7. Screen solutions No 546

    After modifying my Vara screen & being quite impressed, the Transalp feels plain draughty & noisey. I reckon the way forward is multi layered & high. Modified MRA on the Vara (the MRA was rubbish as stock). I've been looking at a suitable donor screen for the Alp for some time, only when I...
  8. XR 125 Drive sprocket cover

    think I sussed it now
  9. For Sale: Arai Tour X4

    For Sale / Wanted
    Plain white Arai X4 for sale bought last year with very little use. Complete with visor and box (a little tatty) and all manuals etc. One very small chip on the back. Never dropped or crashed etc, really nice helmet complete with peak and pin lock visor Cost £499 Size Medium Selling for £200...
  10. Porridge

    I was reading an article this morning accompanying an Obituary for Clarissa Dickson Wright (one of the 2 Fat ladies of late 90s fame) and part of the piece was about her passion for porridge cooked in a "traditional" manner and eaten very simply. ie cooked in water with a pinch of salt...
  11. Any one fancy a meet up 22 / 23rd Feb

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well looks like I'm stuck in Tidworth this weekend so it would be rude not to get the 990 out for a run weather depending. I need to stay local as I'm on call for the floods, (unless I'm already called out by then:mad:) my options are: Ace Cafe, or if someone knows of anywhere in the Wiltshire...
  12. Memory map on iPhone 4S

    Has anyone used memory map 50k on the iPhone for off road, I have the app on my phone but only gives you base map of uk, it says for £24.99 I can get 50k land ranger which gives you over 30 times the size of the Lake District, over 70,000sqkm. I would of course still have a map and not depend...
  13. Air filter cover decal.

    Africa Twin
    On my air filter cover (on top of the tank RD07a) there is a plain bit on the textured black finish that looks like it should have a decal on it of some description,should it have anything on it?
  14. For Sale: Transalp 650 bagster tank cover

    For Sale / Wanted
    In plain black, in good undamaged condition (no tank bag) - been sat unused in my garage since buying my transalp £30 plus postage?
  15. Summer Solstice Run June 21st Stonehenge 04:52!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi All. I shall be taking a run down to Stonehenge for the summer solstice on June 21st to see the sacrificial virgins being slayed at sunrise! Heading from Bath at 0330AM to get down for sun up at 0452. Been there on the solstice before but never for sunrise. Weather dependant to a point...
  16. 25-26-27 May, Anyone out and about down south

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well iv finally got a long weekend off and nothing to do so just wondered if anyone was doing anything or anything was happening this weekend, meet up, Ace Cafe, off road anything as its just me andn the bike all weekend. My main plan is the Plain if anyone is up for a bit of dirt, well dust at...
  17. Wanted: Bolts for RD07A alternator case access plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    Per the thread title, I'm trying to find replacements for the three bolts that retain the RD07A alternator/stator casing access plate. From memory the bolts are about 90-95mm long and half plain, half threaded. Fiche no. MV13-E1000A shows them as parts #13 and #14. I'll update here once I've...
  18. Salisbury Plain

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi guys, I'm going to be riding Salibury plain this weekend (15/16th December) by myself for the first time on my Africa Twin Was wondering if anyone wants to come with? Either day over the weekend is cool. If not then any advice would be great as I'm new to the south. Email me ASAP if you...
  19. new member saying hi

    just a quick hello.been reading the forum for a few months thought i had better sign up,some very usefull things on here. I have a 1998 xr400 and live in salisbury me and a couple of mates ride the local byways and salisbury plain a couple of times a month,anyone fancy a meet for a blast around...
  20. Hand guards for XL600V

    My 1992 XL600V came without hand guards. I've been looking on the Internet and came across a FAQ (Transalp FAQs). It looks like Polisport is an good replacement on a stock handle bar. When visiting the Polisport website I didn't expect to find so many hand guards... What are the recommended...