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  1. Nx650 Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it's been some time in the making but my first custom bike build is now complete.:D Got to the point where I just wanted it on the road, so still a bit 'ratty' and might strip it all down again one day. But just passed it's MOT and already chucking about some green lanes. To be used and...
  2. 600 plastics for sale....

  3. Breaking a very low miles 1 owner Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    In case you dont look in the For sale section very often ? Breaking a very low miles 1 owner Dominator , all Red Plastics , rims etc for sale ... see for sale section on her;)e ..
  4. xlv750 PARTS FOR SALE

    Just noticed an advert for a load of XLV750R parts. In Switzerland but he seems to have plastics, forks, tanks, etc.
  5. XL600LM plastics

    Hi, just bought one of these as a project bike. Bike has been sitting since 1992. All the plastics (fenders, side panels, fairing) are full of cracks. The cracks are just on the white paint that these parts have. Paint is not loose or coming off, but it's not pretty. They can only be seen...
  6. For Sale: RD07 Xrv750 1997 full bike with two open engines for sale canada west coast

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have an intact frame of my beautiful 1997 XRV 750 First original Engine is out and and open (by pro mechanic Donner engine from Netherlands also out and open. Many good parts. all plastics there 2 x skid plate Heppco and Becker hard case frame and crash bars selling all as parts location in...
  7. For Sale: RD04 Non Runner

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is my 1991 RD04, the engine turns but won't start ... i think it's the fuel pump. It has a new back tire, new battery, new Trailtech Vapor. I have the old dash, but in km, lights and all the plastics with sticker bomb on them. I wanted to post it here before i go on ebay. Asking 500 for it...
  8. New fairing xrv 750 1998

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am after getting new plastics on my Africa twin. It's a 1998 so any companies out there making them still?
  9. For Sale: Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit. Original factory shape and includes front fender, rear fender, and side number plates. Think they fit XR250 also. Used but very serviceable condition. £15 ono Item located near Canterbury, Kent - happy to arrange postage.
  10. Swap: XL700 RED panels for your black plastics

    XRV Swap Shop
    any interest? 2009 deep red colour
  11. Xrv650 plastics

    Africa Twin
    Hi all can anyone tell me which plastics if any i can use from an AT 750 onto an AT 650, thanks in advance.
  12. Dominator plastics

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Been wanting to ask this for a while but feel its a silly question. Are the Dominator plastic parts painted or is the moulding dyed during the manufacturing process. Seems to me dyed (if correct term). I know different people have different views on the plastics and their...
  13. varadero 125 handlebars

    Hello, New to the forum! I would like to know if the handlebars of a Varadero 125(2001-2006) are the same as the handlebars of a XL650V TA? The bars on my Varadero are bent and I can get a good deal on a TA handlebars.I'm worried that they might be too big and hit the plastics or the tank at...
  14. For Sale: various rd04 parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi. Have got the rack the rearmost plastic cowl stator engine case and the other side case as well and the rear light. All for sale at sensible prices. I can see what they're worth on fleabags but make a sensible offer and we can sort something out. You can message here or call 07986 ---- 298...
  15. Brass nuts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing to do with cold weather! On the back of the headlight surround on the Dommie there are four nuts set into the plastic, into which the instrument / surround screws go. They're like short brass barrels with a threaded hole, and they're machined / knurled on the outside to help them grip...
  16. 1982 XL250R - Fuel Tank & other

    Hi Guys. I need some advice. I am starting a ground up restoration on a XL 250R. I received the whole bike in boxes and a half attempt at restoration. It is very difficult to ascertain whether the bike is complete and if I require parts are they readily available and where? One of my many...
  17. For Sale: Blue Transalp XL700V Transalp Petrol Tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    In excellent condition. The marks shown in the above photos are all hidden under the fairing plastics. You would need to transfer your locking petrol cap over. Looking for £45 plus delivery or arranged meet up within 60 miles of Newcastle upon Tyne
  18. Wanted: Plastics for Africa Twin RD03 XRV650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a complete set of plastics for my AT restoration.
  19. Tapping sound insde my petrol tank ?

    Ive had the transalp 700 out today for a short run and alls well apart from theres something in my tank tapping on the front right hand side of the inside of my tank,its the first time its done this with me and it wasnt doing it untill after the ride out today,ive taken all the plastics of from...
  20. Wanted: WND Ignition switchl Xl600V Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just had the pleasure of recovering my commuter 98 transalp from the police after it was stolen last night. Considering they only road it 1/2 a mile there is quite a bit of damage, mainly to plastics but it looks like its mostly luggs rather than smashed.... Anyway I need to replace the...