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  1. XVR750 RD07/7A rear carrier alternatives

    Africa Twin
    I need one for my XRV750 RD07A, are there alternatives to the Honda original aluminium one, searches appear to show plates that bolt onto the aluminium casting but not a replacement for the casting. There do appear to be replacements for RD03/4 carriers that are different to the RD07/7A...
  2. For Sale: Side Stand Extension

    For Sale / Wanted
    LAST FEW REMAINING IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE - I have acquired a few of these stainless steel side stand extension plates. They fit XRV750 Africa Twin, Transalp, XL600 & 650, and any model with a stand the same as the photo. They are £12.50 posted within the UK and £17.50 anywhere else. PM me if you...
  3. Bike pulsing when cruising - thoughts ?

    Mechanical Advice
    Strange one, when cruising home 30mph ish the bike seems to pulse like the throttle drops and then returns... I have a suspicion of the clutch plates/friction plates but wanted a second opinion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. RD03 - Rear subframe in need of TLC

    Africa Twin
    I'm getting some pannier frames powder coated for my new CRF1000L so thought I'd give the RD03 back end a limited refurb. Main aim it to stop the rot of the rear subframe. Couple of non-standard plates on the rear rack for the GIVI top box and exhaust bracket need removal/replacement.
  5. Clutch plates change.

    How to.....
    Hello guys is any video tutorial on how to remove and change the clutch plates? Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  6. For Sale: Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit. Original factory shape and includes front fender, rear fender, and side number plates. Think they fit XR250 also. Used but very serviceable condition. £15 ono Item located near Canterbury, Kent - happy to arrange postage.
  7. Repeated question i guess - Clutch problem , Neutral

    Ok .. So i have this problem i think it's common but not sure exactly where or what i could be looking for When bike stoping . It's hard to shift to neutral. some how its skipped tried 2nd to Neutral , 1st to Neutral..When engine running it doesn't get to neutral , i have to switch it off...
  8. SLR650 project

    Dominator / FMX
    please delete You can delete this one, sold the bike
  9. Clutch slip fmx650

    Dominator / FMX
    Wen the engine is cold i dont get any clutch slip but wen the engine is hot i get clutch slip can any1 advise me on what i shud do to solve this problem. I was going to buy new friction plates an see if thats solves the problem. Also will i need any special tools to change the clutch?
  10. Dommie clutch

    Dominator / FMX
    Me and Jnr decided to have a go at doing the clutch yesterday evening which took about an hour to remove the allen bolts ,brake pedal and footrest. Upon closer inspection the clutch plates didnt seem to be too badly worn but the sides of the clutch basket are a bit which is probably why the...
  11. Replacing the clutch

    Dominator / FMX
    I plan to replace the clutch springs and plates on my 99 Dommie this weekend. The problems have been: - terrible clutch action described by the MOT tester as like 'pulling on a rubber brick' - clutch sticking when cold and then releasing with a bang. - clutch slip - and now the clutch cable has...
  12. Weird Clutch problem

    Hello , I have a problem with the clutch ( 2004 ABS ) 1st , it's hard to engage the 1st Gear i have to move the bike forward and backward to engage ( this one i have seen in many bikes before ) when it engages . i get the 1st gear then up 2nd ,3rd, 4th... it doesn't go to the 5th I move it...
  13. Clutch basket question

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just putting the clutch basket back together, and I have 7 friction plates in total. When I put it all together and tighten down the spring plate though, the plates move about freely. I would have expected the plates to be held in place by the pressure plate, until the push rod presses...
  14. Front Engine Mounts

    Dominator / FMX
    My engine mounts looked a bit corroded asked here for replacements and looked on e bay but none about so i'm going to have to knock some up myself I took them off today to measure and discovered just how bad they are As they seem to be a little bit rare at the moment i thought i'd put the...
  15. Honda fmx anti smog canister

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi i have been reading some post and a few people have been mentionin removing the somg canister. Can some one give me some infomantion on removing this like what benifits is ther? And how to do it Will i need blanking plates can i also ask some more mod questions What size sprokets do u guys...
  16. Fitting a Givi top box

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone help? I have a '96 model and Givi only list Base plates from 1988-92 and '92-94, however rhe plate is the same for both bikes. Sounds a silly question, but does anyone know if this plate (E200) Will fit a later bike. Also, does anyone know if the grab-handles changed fitting-wise...
  17. Fried Clutch anybody? experience and solutions?

    Afternoon All, After a years ownership and use I got half way up High Button yesterday and fried my clutch. When I got it back, cleaned and stripped there is a horrible burnt smell, blackened plates and destroyed friction linings ripped up, melted and fused with friction material bits loose in...
  18. Clutch woes...

    Africa Twin
    Chaps, Changed the clutch plates on the RD04 today. In far from ideal conditions with the bike on it's side in my father-in-law's front garden... Having reassembled the clutch and put the cover back on, it seems that the clutch actuation arm is in the wrong position... Logically this would...
  19. Anyone from here?

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Followed a CT on Brit plates through Steyr(A) yesterday…anyone from here?;) Couldn't catch it on my Vara:toothy9:
  20. Bodgy clutch fix any advice appreciated!

    Ok so with a mechanic I pulled my slipping clutch apart and found it only had 7 friction plates instead of 8. I got a set of 8 friction plates but here in Belgrade (I'm on the road) no one can supply the smooth plates of which I only have 6 instead of 7. So I now have a clutch with two friction...