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  1. So you think you can hide?

    Not any more. :eek: - 1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World's highest resolution video surviellience platform by DARPA. Andy.
  2. For Sale: 1989 dominator footpegs ( spares to modify for a more supportive/comfy platform ?)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just bought these as I wanted a more supportive/larger footpeg and was going to do the usual mod involving welding a strip around the sides. Unfortunately they don't fit my RD08 version as I'd hoped and so are available to anyone who wants them at £10 + post at cost. regards Bill
  3. Anders Behring Breivik's lawyer

    I should be very interested to hear from any Norwegian contributors as to whether the media there are reporting the thoughts of the lawyer of Anders Behring Brievik (the Norwegian gunman). He has given an interview to the BBC in which he tells us what he thinks his client is trying to achieve...
  4. Bedding for National Rally 2011

    Past National Meets
    This might sound like a daft schoolboy question prior to going on a school trip. Are we required to bring Thermarests. Karrimats, Airbeds etc if you are booked into the bunkhouse accomodation for the National Rally ? I've looked at the site webpage & there's nothing mentioned about this. I...
  5. Bigger/wider front footpegs ...what will fit ? any recommendations please

    Dominator / FMX
    looking for a larger platform there anything that'll be easy to fit or is it a DIY modification job? thanks in advance Bill
  6. How to make your dommie comfy for 2 without breaking the bank!

    Dominator / FMX
    Love my dommie but was always a bit disappointed by it's inability to take a passenger in comfort ( both for the rider and the passenger ). It appeared to me that the main problem was the shortness and angle of the seat so this is what i bodged together .Although some may laugh really...
  7. Vertically challenged AT Owners

    Africa Twin
    I'm wondering how many @ owners need platform shoes to mount their bike. I know I do. My 29 inch inseam is more like 28.5 and with boots I can just barely touch with the toes of my feet. This is the tallest bike I've ever had and with the top case on swinging a leg over is a bit of a...
  8. Honda Crossrunner

    Straight from the Honda press release (sorry bit of a rush) (pics at the end) The Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres: the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure...
  9. The Standard Luggage Rack

    Africa Twin
    Hello; Just been wondering about the standard luggage rack.. does it have a mating top-box or is it there to serve as a platform so the user can strap stuff down on to it. Thanks Oliver
  10. BMF post AGM statement

    Now in its 50th year, delegates to the bmf’s AGM on Saturday heard that while the bmf finds itself operating in difficult times, the structure is sound and measures are now in place for a bright future. Held at the Burton Caribbean Association, Burton-On-Trent, chairman Anna Zee said of all...
  11. Adjustable footrests from SW-Motech available

    Africa Twin
    FYIO: Found on : Beitrag anzeigen - Verstellbare Fußrasten Versatile footrest upgrade that attaches to original footrest mount. Made out of high-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel with removable rubber padds (reduces vibration transmission). The massive...
  12. Trying to identify pannier rack

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys can anyone help me identify my pannier racks please? I've been trawling the net for days now without success. Need to get some panniers to fit them. My top box platform seems to be MW Motech but it's nothing that I can see on their catalogue either.
  13. Ullapool Info . Map . Etc

    Past National Meets
    Hi After recently returning from the Ullapool Area. I thought it would be helpful to put together a little info about Ullapool and what to expect,(if you have not visited before). Coming from the south/east via the A835 .. You will hopefully have wonderful views up Loch Broom with Ullapool...
  14. Touring Luggage

    Mechanical Advice
    i was browsing yesterday at work, as you do, and came across this Bags Connection ATV Bag Small i was wondering if anyone had used a similair sort of thing on the bike? using pannier/seat/pannier as a platform?
  15. Did you know of plans for compulsory community service ????

    I dont normally get involved in political shenanigans, but this has got me a bit rattled ('compulsory' - another erosion of our/our childrens freedom), and was released low key in News of the world (but i found it on the internet) : By Ian Kirby, 12/04/2009 PM Gordon Brown intends to...
  16. Carrying a Quechua Tent on a bike

    Hi All, Just thought I'd share this little mod I did on my Transalp, although it would probably work on most bikes. I do a lot of camping but hate putting up tents, so bought a Quechua throw up tent... just the job, only snag though is where to carry that sail like round disc on a bike? I...
  17. Helmet Cam advice for Motorcycle/ Moto action camera use?

    Mechanical Advice
    ======= HELMET / MOTORCYCLE CAM TEST CONCLUSIONS====== After a couple of weeks of testing both the Adrenaline Systems Superbike Cam and the Oregon Scientific ATC2k sd camera I can safely give reasonable review on their performance: (check out my original posting below) The Adrenaline Systems...
  18. My bodges so far

    Bodgers Corner
    This tool box is completly waterproof (so far) These are the frames I built to support my soft luggage, also the Viper end can was of a CBR600 I made the grill by drawing it out on a piece wood then knocking nails in it following my drawing, then just bent the steel bar round the jig and...
  19. My neighbour has just.......

    ... jumped out of the top floor window :confused: :shock: The kids heard screaming and called me - went to investigate to find the guy lying sprawled out - smashed elbow and radius and I dare say a few ribs done in :( I sorted him out best I could and calmed him till the ambulance arrived...
  20. Make my own pannier racks

    Mechanical Advice
    I have been a bicycle-tourist for 23 years. I have also motorcyle-toured a bit - 15 years but not so many trips per year. Currently my TA has a huge Givi top box and a tiddly magnetic tank bag that works very well, thank you. I'd like to get some side panniers to expand my luggage space a...