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  1. Bike Cams

    Bike videos will never be the same again! Imagine a 20 minute ride with this following you! :p I think I want one
  2. True Adventure - Episode 3

    Africa Twin
  3. Is this the new A/T ?

    Africa Twin :rolleyes:
  4. Whats your favourite tunes?

    Dominator / FMX
    I just bought myself an 8GB MP3 player and just spent the afternoon filling it up with my favourite tunes.:D:D:D If you had to choose your top 10 albums ,what would they be and why?:thumbup: If I see enough good suggestions ,I may have to get another memory card.:clown:
  5. Advanced Riding Demo or Not

    No words to describe this! Manila Worst driver in the world caught on CCTV - YouTube Are there?
  6. Why?

    You tube link Scariest Video Ever! CRANE CLIMB 500 ft (150m) ft. Mustang Wanted - 2013 - YouTube !!!!!!
  7. Made me laugh.

    I just love little bits of nonesense. :icon_smile: Andy.
  8. 10min vid, quick tart-up of an @, music ok too

    Africa Twin
  9. which dual sport bike suits you best....

  10. why not to go greenlaning :)

    Guys, have a look at this... You shall not pass - Trolling ram and biker - YouTube
  11. Hearbreaking stories.

    Anyone caught texting while driving should be made to watch this. And if you even thought about doing it, think again! Andy.
  12. Football is dangerous !!!

    I never realised how bad for your health it can be ! BBC News - Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player
  13. Toseland

    JT as he's never been seen before
  14. Kawasaki KZ1300 on snow

    KRYSTALLRALLYT BMW HP2, Z-1300,GSX R, KTM 450 EXC - YouTube Mad men...
  15. Triumph joke sales ad

    Sorry if this has been here before:
  16. Shock & Awe !

    Didn't actually get a shock, but I was in awe of this. First time I've really hear'd the linear power of electricity sound awesome :) Chip Yates 2011 Pikes Peak - Full Record Setting Race! - YouTube
  17. Now i like this

    Africa Twin
  18. A nice bit of work.

    A mate sent me this, I think it is rather clever. :) Andy.
  19. lorry crash.. watch the driver

    Truck Driver Thrown Through Window In Crash, Walks Away. Russia .flv - YouTube
  20. Cool and not just because it features Tigers

    link stolen from ABR