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  1. Chatter
    Last week, I was in the Picos. Don't get too jealous, though - i was in the car. Nevertheless, some superb roads and scenery. And while in Potes, I saw this Dominator. We travelled on the Plymouth - Santander ferry .... it's a 20ish hour journey but comfortable, and judging by the...
  2. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I depart on my A/T for my first european trip next weds.Portsmouth to St Malo,down to the Pyrenees to Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours | Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours, BandB, Gite, located in South West France, twisty roads, breathtaking views, stay with us for a memorable break for 4 nights then on to...
  3. Chatter
    Me and my son Rob (RAW85) are off to the west country for a little jaunt next week on the Africa Twins. It will be our first trip together so really looking forward to it. Can anyone recommend any campsites, firstly one near Plymouth and secondly one near St.Ives in Cornwall. We are staying...
  4. Riding
    Just wondering if anyone is up for some gentle green laning around the Plymouth area. Just like to take the Alp into the rough stuff to see how good she is or isn't
  5. Spotted
    I spotted Arthur while I was driving back from Plymouth after a family get-to-gether ,just after I got onto the M3 as he weaved past ( as he does ) . Chased after him just to comfirm it was him and made my presence known , White Toyota Corina E. He had been offroading on his AT as you could see...
  6. Spotted
    Two @'s parked up with xrv stickers. Varadero V8 light grey/blue livery. Rode alongside him for a while
  7. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    16th Mega-ride is on Sunday 13th June. More details here.. The Official Plymouth Mega-Ride Website I'm going to be on Drum Bridges roundabout on the A38 at 10:00 if anyone wants to come along for the ride down to the start. (Drum bridges is the roundabout near Heathfield/Trago Mills turn...
  8. Travel
    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else from the forum is on the ferry tomorrow, cheers Mike
  9. Riding
    Kinda looking to get my XR dirty and learn some easy Green Lanes and pick up some basic off road skills. Does anyone on here know much about the Plymouth area? Cheers
  10. Chatter
    Ollie is transportless in Plymouth and is contemplating taking his machine down - only till June, but has reservations unless we can find a secure place - garden or garage to keep it from unwanted attention. Does any one know of a place he can rent / use / share for beer tokens, Please PM any...
  11. Regional Meets
    Plymouth Bike Night, Plymouth Hoe Promenade, First Thursday evening of the month from 6pm South west members maybe we should show here and publicise the longest day as they are also supporting help for heroes
  12. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi guys, Just bought a 2002 XR400 that I'm rapidly getting very attached to, and wanting to spend more money on it every day! Argh! The boring bit: Always had a road bike until Feb this year and bought a 2001 KMX125 [which is for sale! :P] that I started green laning on...what a...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    Hi folks Just took delivery of a nice new x-ring chain and sprocket set from the super-efficient wemoto (another hats off to them!), and wondering if anyone has a) one of those chain breaker / riveter tools b) one of those tools plus a paddock stand :) that I could borrow in exchange for a few...
  14. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    For anyone interested it is on the 14th june The Official Plymouth Mega-Ride 2009 Website!
  15. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Did the plymouth megaride again today. Weather was wet on the way up from home but on arriving it was great. Today a record number of bikes accended ton to plymouth hoe it was between 7-9000 depending on who you asked. Everything imaginable was there. Including the helicopters filming the...
  16. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    To any southerners outhee this sunday is the magaride i thinks it's the 8th year now last year 12,000 bikes ish left lee mill and then dispersed. if interested jusy google plymouth megaride 2008 and it will bring up there website
  17. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    On Sunday the 3rd June 07 the 13th Plymouth Megaride will take place. The 1st Megaride was back in 1995 and had about 400 bikes. Now thousands of bikes turn up for this yearly event which is the largest charity motorcycle ride out in the UK! For more info check out the website...
1-17 of 17 Results