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  1. The Longest Day
    What with intercoms and radio comms getting cheaper more and more of us have them fitted to our bikes so how about a common channel for the forum? That way when we do get together (five capitals etc) we don't have that last minute mucking around getting things synchronised. Well how about it?
  2. Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone recommend a decent PMR radio that will fit in an Autocom system. I probably wont use it that often so dont want top notch all singing and dancing, but I also dont want something temperamental that causes problems. I'm hoping for a good deal at the Intermot and get the Autocom cables...
  3. Mechanical Advice
    I know the subject of bike2bike intercoms has been done to death but I need definitive info before I part with my cash (please save the " mate had a radio once.." posts until the end). Has anyone used a battery eliminator in a PMR radio? Do they get stupidly hot? Will it die a death in the...
1-3 of 3 Results