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  1. Is there no CRF1000 chat on this Forum

    Africa Twin
    Am I not looking hard enough or is there no section for CRF 1000 on this forum ? The other dedicated CRF 1000 forum Iv'e found seems to be tailored to the USA rider. Wheres the best place to discuss on this side of the pond ?
  2. Green laneing

    Does anyone know any good green lanes in herts ? Found a few round potters bar , Hertford area but Would be good to find some more , cheers !
  3. Shropshire, Mid and S Wales run

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Shropshire, Mid/ S Wales run I am needing a day away from the joys of homelife and I've kind of worked out what looks like an interesting run out* from home, down the Marches, into mid Wales, down to the Valleys and then back up via Brecon and mid Wales then home. 6-7 hours probably... Not...
  4. Removing De-smog pot and assotiated pipework

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Its been covered I think, having trouble locating simple answers ( just me and the topic and beer). Is it just a matter of; 1. Ripping the lot out. 2. plug all the holes. 3. run a pipe from the engine breather to a oil breather filter under the seat. Apologies if its a little vague as...
  5. Hi All

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just to say hi,i live in Oxfordshire and i'm looking into dipping my toes into the A/T water,the prices of them seem to be a bit of a minefield to me but I need to do a lot more research methinks,what are the main things i should be looking out for as a potential buyer? Any info greatly...
  6. Buggered rim!

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I stuffed my Vara's front wheel into a pothole last weekend on Austins Adventure in Galloway. :( It now needs a biggish ding taking out of the rim and then having a replacement tyre fitted. Any recommendations for the wheel job please, preferably in the West Midlands so I can drop it off??
  7. sudden non-starting problem

    Africa Twin
    My AT has been running great, but suddenly it won't start, but without any obvious symptoms. The battery is really strong and spins the motor over easily. It did fire 2-3 times but then died, after which I could only get a very brief splutter. This did at least tell me that (a) the battery...
  8. Idiots guide for parcels (other than PO)

    Hi all, Now be patient with me, I'm new to anything other than the Rip Off Post Office. I've got a screen to post and don't like the charges the Post Office make these days, now I'm often getting parcels from all kinds of cars and vans turning up and wouldn't know where to start, anyone help...
  9. It is time

    It is time to retire my front brake disc. It was custom made for me by some guy in Germany. A full floating 320mm disc in high quality racing steel. Combined with a modified supermoto adapter set from HE Motorradtechnik and a four-pot Brembo off an 1100 GS, it's allowed me to do stuff I...
  10. elecmatrickery problem

    ey up, i've a wee problem with me tralp at the moment & thought some of you wonderfully knowledgeable peeps on here might have some suggestions (well they say flattery gets you everywhere...:toothy3:) i've had this intermittent prob for a while & have only now really diagnosed it. It's a '91...
  11. Sunday wanderings.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I set off this morning with nowhere in mind, just drove up the A7 to have a think. Then I crossed over to the A68 to Pathead and down to Haddington. Pretty quiet at 10AM, still, the Coffee Pot cafe was open so a large coffee and a (huge) bacon roll was consumed. Breakfast taken care of it...
  12. Picos De Europa, where to go? Maps?

    Wifey and I are off to the Picos in a couple of weeks. Catch the ferry for Santander on the 21st. How awful. We are looking at not travelling massive mileages, her idea not mine, and just relaxing and pottering about. I would like to visit Ribadesella along the coast, passed through there years...
  13. what's the standard rear pre-load setting for a 600 transalp?

    1990 XL600 VK model does anyone know the standard rear pre-load setting. ie how far down the big "bolt" should the two rings be? if there is no factory standard then where would you put the rings for mostly on-road/city/pothole riding? i weigh 70 kilos and hardly take a passenger/luggage. of...
  14. Repairing the side-stand switch

    Well, I got attacked by the side-stand switch gremlin on Saturday. All set for a spin out - side stand up, engine running, clutch in, snick into gear - engine dies. Try again - same thing. Ho hum, wheel the bike back in and out with the tools......... This would appear to be a case of...
  15. at running lean!

    Can anyone give me a clue please? mechanic says my 04 is running lean on the front plug on one pot, plug is very white. talking about up-jetting the carb? My skills are nill so I will pass the thread on so he can see it. Thanks in advance Ivan
  16. North Wales Caff?

    The "Gentlemen that do Lunch" would like a recommendation for a decent caff that's bike friendly somewhere in Northish Wales. Phil the Shandy and myself and hopefully others will be meeting for lunch and rideout tomorrow/Thursday, and are looking for a decent alternative to the Ponderosa...
  17. Kitchen utensils which can also be employed in the garage

    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  18. In Denial?

    In Denial? (And I'm not talking about what the Muslim that fell in to a big river said!) At the beginning of the week, the front coil spring on my VW Golf snaps, with the bottom of the spring hanging out of the cup on the strut, and a sharp end millimetres away from the tyre. I hadn't gone...
  19. Am i labouring my Transalp

    I am enjoying my new transalp xl700 but never having had a v twin before i wanted some advice. When i am pottering around on back roads at about 45mph in top at 3000 ish rpm am I labouring the engine. it feels a bit lumpy but maybe thats how v twins are meant to feel or should i shift down to 4th ?
  20. how to wheelie?

    hi all. right i know im going to sound a right divvy here but i want to know what im doing wrong? ive tryed and tryed to wheelie my xr125 but i cant do it :( (dont worry im not doing them on road i want to keep my licence lol) can someone help me? ive looked on youtube for tips how to do it but...