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  1. Temperature gauge pointer mooves up and down!

    Africa Twin
    Hello from winter Norway! I have a question regarding the Temp gauge! When the needle points above the C or at low operating temp, the needle is "quiet" in other words does not moove like crazy up and down! When the temperator rises and the pointer passes the middle of the gauge, it starts to...
  2. NX650 2000 exhaust front pipes...???

    Dominator / FMX
    With out putting to much though into it, I bought a pair of stainless steel?? down pipes off of eBay for my 2000 Dommie, had a very quick play with them tonight and I think they might be for a different model..?? Are there more than one combination for our NX650s...?? also they are supposed to...
  3. Post-re-build fettling

    Africa Twin
    Well, she's now back in one peice - almost - just the pillion foot-pegs to fit but I've ran out of paint so they'll have to wait. I was always a bit annoyed by the crappy/rusty looking 'U' bolt holding the ram-mount I use for the sat-nav. So I made something up from some stuff I had lying...
  4. For Sale: TT, Manx GP, Ulster GP, European GP racer reports 40's 50's Shepton Jumble

    For Sale / Wanted
    TT, Manx GP, Ulster GP, European GP racer reports reviews 1940's 1950's I have been sorting out cuttings from old Motorcycle and Motor Cycling magazines that I have accumulated over the years and have now put some on EBay. A pointer to one of them is here TT report June 55 Motor Cycling Junior...
  5. Germany 2010 Ride report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got home Pics and storys will follow later but this is a very important pointer of how the the trip went YouTube - Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side Preview - BBC One :D:D:D
  6. Electrical short

    Hi my old shape 2001 XL1000 has gained an electrical problem, on tickover the clocks zero out and the rev counter pointer bounces from 1200 to 0 and back to 1200 revs. this only happens with the main beam turned on, when the side light is on the rev counter and odometer are unaffected. This...
  7. Puddles stop my XR!

    I have a problem with water stopping my 96 XR 250. The bike runs fine and performs perfectly well in all areas in the dry, but as soon as it hits water it bogs down and stops. It is as if it has gone into shock. It will then fire up straight away with the next kick. I have done the...
  8. Engine noise

    Dominator / FMX
    Well following on from "Dominator or SLR" I took myself off yesterday to view my first bike, a Dominator. On the negative side, I didn’t buy it, and it was an expensive trip. On the plus side I really liked the bike and I think that that is the one I will settle on. Now the reason why I...
  9. 2 Africa Twin's in an abbandoned mine... (In Portugal)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello everyone .. First sorry for the porr english, It was a google translation and you know how automatic translations are.. Just try to make sense of it, or just enjoy the pictures... This was the first ride of 2010, and how to start the year! This time, the road map has led us to the...
  10. Fork oil swap.

    After my recent trip, I came back with a fresh opinion of my Transalp and with a resolve to keep it for at least another year. Yes, a low milage Vara would be nice, but is a luxury I cannot really justify right now. I wanna new Tractor this winter too ;) So, I would like to treat Gertrude to an...
  11. Call me STUPID! (sometimes)

    Africa Twin
    help! 2nd day on bike and i can't figure out the petrol tap on/reserve. (can't contact previous owner). LITTLE pointer up or down for ON? THANKS Still cant believe I didn't get one of these years ago.... BIG EFFIN' GRIN !
  12. F650 running probs

    Hello folks, found a '97 F650 I am keen on but the test ride threw up some wobblies. Namely the rear brake caliper got stuck on and made the handling on roundabouts rather squirmy. Strangely the bike still went pretty quickly, much nippier than my TA, I guess thats the lower weight of the BMW...
  13. where are those stickers....

    having a ciggy in the garage at the weekend looking at a bit of unused space on my top box and thought, a nice XRV.ORG sticker would go well there...... but, I can't find them on the site. could somebody give me a pointer please ? ta......
  14. GPS Problem

    Africa Twin
    I've just got a Garmin emap GPS. When on the road the 'pointer' will often veer quite wildly off the road that I know I'm travelling on though roughly following my direction of travel. At home however if I upload the track to my laptop it gives an exact track of the actual route/track that...
  15. Baltic Trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Finland Normally my trips start with a mad dash because I'm late for a ferry, and so it was with this trip. I arrived in Vaasa, Finland at 2 o'clock in the morning and headed south along the Baltic coast. The plan for this trip was to ride around the Baltic Sea, alternating between exploring the...