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  1. Wanted: Rd07 Seat or Seat cover

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a good standard Seat or original Seat cover for my Rd07 to finish its rebuild. The one I got from Poland doesn't fit and they want me to send the Seat to them to fit Cheers John
  2. Lord Vader or any German Speakers

    Hi everyone i think the origin of this Medal/award is in Recognition of Sporting excellence awarded to either German Troops or German People.My Father brought it back with him after getting liberated from a POW Camp in Poland.The Medal/Award is 50mm Diameter and 3mm thick.Does anyone know any...
  3. Poland, is it a dangerous place to be?

    Hi We are to guys on a AT & TA and we have planned a route down through Austria (the old smuggling route) and up again to the Czech Republic and Prague. We have planned to enter Poland from Prague but we have heard some rumors that it is dangerous to stay in Poland because they will steal the...
  4. Trip to Poland - Advice?

    Hi Guys I'm planning a trip to Poland next June/July and wondered if anyone had any advice on routes there or legal/legislative problems I may find. My Polish isn't great, but is better than my German, and should be better by next year. I have to go to Plock for sure (paperwork for a wedding)...
  5. Moving to Poland - insurance query

    I may be moving to Poland (or elsewhere in Eastern Europe) in September - does anyone have any advice/ideas on what sort of insurance I can get or need out there. My present insurance will cover me to get there, but runs out beginning of October (it allows me 60 days outside UK on one trip), so...
  6. A visit to Poland.

    I have travelled many miles throughout Europe, quite safely and without too many problems. But I have never entertained Poland, that is until now. So, in September me and a mate will give the Country a short visit. My concerns are the varying reports, good and bad, about the roads, traffic and...
  7. Uk,Norway,Finland,Poland,Switzerland,France,Spain, Uk

    Great Roads/Routes
    Decided what the heck !! Me and my better looking half are taking time out to go visit all of our friends who have opted for the 'get foreign girlfriend/boyfriend and move abroad' option. Am planning on setting off in June/July and looking for nice routes. Not necessarily the quickest but not...
  8. Stuck in poland

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, i am on the last leg of my trip and i have a prob on the bike, but i am still mobilke, i just want to know if it is safe to carry on the last thousand mile back to the UK About a thousand miles ago i started hearing a fient metalic knocking sound from the front of the bike, if i...