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  1. Africa Twin
    Right now ive got your attention .... ive got a new Enduro helmet never worn but the shell has gone all sticky :lol: Its almost like sticker glue but the whole helmet is covered ... ive tried white vinegar pledge polish and brake cleaner ... you can remove it with your nail then rub like fook...
  2. Africa Twin
    Poxy seat on the rd07 is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever had the displeasure of sitting on, soooo what are my options? Wait for one to come up secondhand? Spend a fortune on Corbin or top sellerie? Has anyone used the polish lad on eBay that charges 90 quid? I've already got an...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I just picked up a very inexpensive rear rim (gold DID) off Ebay and I'm looking for a front to match. My current rims are pitted bad and I just got tired if trying to polish them..... call me lazy. If anyone knows a source for the Stock DID gold rim I would really appreciate it...
  4. Africa Twin
    The acrylic screen on my RD 07 Tripmaster is discoloured, and shows signs of tiny cracks. As a result I am unable to read the Tripmaster clearly whilst I am riding. Is there anyway I can polish the screen to get rid of the scratches? Thanks folks. Honda XRV 750 RD 07 Honda XLV 700B
  5. Clothing
    Whats the best product you have found to clean/waterproof leather motorcycle boots.I have just bought a pair of Prexport leather boots and although they say they are waterproof I want to find a good polish etc for the leather uppers.
  6. Africa Twin
    Took off exhaust pipes to clean and polish them and to change valve cover gaskets which are leaking. Why not to check starter while everything is stripped I thought and here is why I saw :tard:
  7. Transalp
    Doesn't seem too many weeks ago my Transalp was in bits and pieces all over the garage floor having a major service and suspension rebuild. With a week off work, I thought it deserved a good run out and have just got back from a 905 mile loop from Newark. It averaged 56mpg with the highest...
  8. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Just seen this, apologies if its already been posted. 1992 HONDA XRV750-L BLUE - PROJECT | eBay Just requires a bit of polish I reckon, definitely not for me though. Rick
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello and sorry for my bad english. I need a rear wheel or hub for my 2002 xrv 750 because my muscles are bigger than my brain. I destroyed my hub when i change bearings (photo). Shipping to Warsaw, Poland. Contact: @: -------------------- mobil: +48--------- (only polish language, english...
  10. Helmets
    Evening After nearly 17 years, a mate and I were discussing the joys of riding in the sh1t weather we have been having recently, I was complaining about poor vision, when he suggested 'Pledge', the furniture polish. I thought why not? The results are amazing, why I have never done this...
  11. Ducati
    polish motorcycle engine casings and wheel hubs - YouTube been polishin it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Mechanical Advice
    I've just bought a Remus silencer on ebay (cheap cheap) but it has corrosion on the main body. I tried to polish it out with autosol but that made no difference, it looks like it might have a coating of laquer and that's what has 'gone off'. Any ideas how I can return it to nearly new ...
  13. Africa Twin
    Just started to rebuild the bike,frame powder coated engine cleaned and painted and both look good but what to do with the Swing looks a mess doesen't seem to want to polish up any suggestions:(
  14. Spotted
    I spotted Arthur while I was driving back from Plymouth after a family get-to-gether ,just after I got onto the M3 as he weaved past ( as he does ) . Chased after him just to comfirm it was him and made my presence known , White Toyota Corina E. He had been offroading on his AT as you could see...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Reduced Remus Revolution silencer. Africa Twin.£125 Remus Revolution, stainless steel, with link pipe in excellent condition. (A good polish with solvol would make it mint) Removable baffle (gorgeous bark though even with this in place). Bracket included, it bolted straight on to my 1997...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Motad Desert Bars Motad Desert Bars Stainless steel. On 1994 Africa Twin VGC couple small marks on right hand bar will prob polish out. Also 2 unused tool tubes. £125 plus £6 p&p will try and upload photos
  17. Product Reviews
    any one interested in this ???? its a new product of mine its £5 for 100ml , plus £1.50 postage to the uk its the dogzzzz , on anodized rims , bling bling YouTube - sfx-wax polish anodizing , polish for anodized aluminium gonna call it SFX_WAX
  18. Chatter
    Yes that’s what I was told today when I bought new boots, They're nothing fancy but with a Gore-Tex lining hopefully more waterproof than their predecessor, I was given a voucher as my old boots were beyond repair and still covered by guarantee. While sorting out the voucher I was told not to...
  19. Helmets
    I have wondered about this stuff for many a year & seeing it at 99p per bottle @ M&P i ordered a few when needing a few items recently. Well i have to say i thing its Fantastic ! :thumbup: Leaves a tough looking deep glossy shine which i have never achieved the like of with any of many polishes...
  20. Chatter
    Hello, We produced our forum calendar and deceided to give 20 pcs to your forum members. We will cover shipping cost to UK. We hope to receive address where to send the parcel. I hope you will distribute it among forum members. 20 pcs of Calendars are for free. Maybe owners of your XRV forum...
1-20 of 21 Results