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  1. Is there no CRF1000 chat on this Forum

    Africa Twin
    Am I not looking hard enough or is there no section for CRF 1000 on this forum ? The other dedicated CRF 1000 forum Iv'e found seems to be tailored to the USA rider. Wheres the best place to discuss on this side of the pond ?
  2. Dominator 650 front wheel fit Transalp 600

    Hi all from across the pond, I'm the lucky owner of an 1989 TA 600. I'm getting ready to upgrade the front and rear end to RD04 specs. I'm looking for another rim I can a lace to my new hub while leaving the bike together. So is a 650 Dominator front rim the same as a TA? Thanks for the...
  3. Transalp 600 Fork Boots/Gaiters

    Hey All Am in need of new fork boots/gaiters for my XL600V and don't really want to pay Honda the big buxs for the OEM ones made from free-range, certified organic rubber. Saw some had posted a link in the past to an eBay seller on your side of the pond that had some decent looking ones for...
  4. 650 shock on 600?

    Morning All Looking into the possibility of fitting a 650 shock onto a later model 600 ('98 ). Asked the same question in the huge 'transalp modifications' thread on ADVRider, but since the 650 wasn't sold in US there aren't many folk there with experience of the 650. Anyone this side of the...
  5. XR650L lowering link

    I'm about to fit a lowering link, but I need to put new bearings in. Any tips on where to get them this side of the pond?? Plenty of places in USA, but I'd rather buy here. Thanks
  6. New member from across the pond

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello everyone, I ride an 08 xr650l with a bunch of mods, really like your site and would like to see a picture an xrv650 or xrv750 I heard about these bikes but never seen one.:thumbright::thumbright:
  7. From across the Pond

    Africa Twin
    Best UK Honda parts supplier is I dont know if the shipping costs would make him the best price but you wont find cheaper in Blighty. Make sure you post some pics of the bike complete with palm trees and crumpet.