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  1. Porridge

    I was reading an article this morning accompanying an Obituary for Clarissa Dickson Wright (one of the 2 Fat ladies of late 90s fame) and part of the piece was about her passion for porridge cooked in a "traditional" manner and eaten very simply. ie cooked in water with a pinch of salt...
  2. Not about bikes -- car welding

    Ok, I bust a wheel stud putting my young fella's wheel ON :confused::confused::confused: ( must stop eating those porridge oats :D ) Couldn't get the stub out so stripped the caliper off,took off the disc, disconnected the battery and welded a nut onto the stud stub to get a spanner onto it. I...
  3. For Sale: House clearance sale!

    For Sale / Wanted
    We are selling every thing we own so that we can go on our trip in less then 4 weeks time. So please have a look and see if there are any recession busting deal you may want and remember you will be helping fellow travels out as well. We live in Lichfield, Staffs. So with special permission by...
  4. We Survived

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The weekend started on Friday night at our Mountain Rescue HQ in Bridgend, we packed up all the vehicles and left for the base at Penwyllt. When we arrived we were given a briefing and told what was expected of us over the weekend. We were told, You are a specialist demolition team who have...