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  1. Chatter
    Two questions really.:confused: 1: My old Dell dimension 5150 XP machine has about had it and will be replaced by a Laptop says the household. It won't be being carried around much so doesn't need to be that portable... Large laptop or all in one? Advice please. 2: For my own personal use I's...
  2. Chatter
    Just found this video and thought I'd share it. Pretty good idea if you ask me! Enjoy. - How To Turn A Beer Can into The Only Stove You Will Ever Need
  3. Chatter
    Any idea if such a thing exists? My new tv has a USB port that I can plug portable disks and memory sticks into. I also run a network share in the house that has loads of films, music and photos on it that we can access from the xbox and computers dotted around the house. What I'm looking for...
  4. Transalp
    Item: 380382859879 Need a quick portable way to lift your rear wheel have a look at this.
  5. Chatter
    If you want a good portable O/S or want to retrieve any files from a broken computer you Will need at least a 2 GIG pen drive then install portable linux mint 9 onto it. Download and install Unetbootin: UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads software, click drop down box and download Linux mint 9...
  6. Chatter
    If anyone wants a portable re-usable BBQ then please let Paul-S know ASAP, reply to this thread or PM. He has managed to find the one in the pics below for £4 from somewhere in Wales that he knows. Will be great for taking away on the bike....National springs to mind. If you are interested...
  7. Africa Twin
    My bike with came with a stand the previous owner made. It's two halves that slide into each other and then into the points on the bike. I've used it loads of times and it's really handy, however I noticed a small tear starting on one of the welds. I know some people on here have serious...
  8. Mechanical Advice
    I had a few pm's from interested parties regarding the picture I posted on the bead breaker so not to hijack the other thread here is some more info. Mods I did not stick this in for sale section even though members are more than welcome to approach me for these should they want some :D...
  9. Chatter
    I know its not very fancy or high tec but its small!! and not one of these one of jobs and the best its only 1 POUND AND ELEVEN PENCE and it fits into my paniers :lol: :lol: